Nobody ever asked my birthday

Chapter 269

Harry was finally, finally alone. He exulted in it, dancing barefoot on top of the Astronomy Tower. The wind snapped at his hair, tossling it beyond recognition (not that it was all that good in the first place). He grabbed onto the railing, leaning out over the edge, and closing his eyes.

It was almost like flying, being up here, all alone. Freedom. In the desert, you can remember your name, for there ain't no one for to give you no shame.

Harry could hear the strains of the music, and he let himself just be. In the cold scottish autumn, he could feel the press of the sun on his face, and feel the horse surging under his hips, rocking him to lazy sleep. He let himself draw to a fragile stillness.

I hope this works...

He opened his mouth, and began to sing, trying to immerse himself into the song.

Been a long road to follow, been there and gone tomorrow

Without saying goodbye to yesterday.

Harry found himself, in his imagination alone, looking into Snape's face. He'd never really said goodbye, had he? Not to anything, not really. Clinging to hatreds... and friendships? Stuck in that unimaginable inbetween where everyone he ever knew was on one side of pain or another.

Are the memories I hold still valid?

Or have the tears diluted them?

Harry was certain that he'd heard Snape talking about his mother, over the summer. Not just once, either. Mentioned fondly.

It seemed odd to think of Severus Snape as having anyone he considered a friend, let alone Harry's Mum.

maybe this time tomorrow
the rain will cease to follow
and the mist will fade into
one more today

If there was one person Harry wasn't annoyed with not telling him this, it was probably Severus Snape. Harry well knew that would sound odd if he tried to explain it to Ron or Hermione. They'd look at him like he was crazy. It's just - some people wore their hearts on their sleeves. Snape had worn a black hole instead, a great big sign saying "Secrets, Do not wake the sleeping Dragon!" Harry thought, I mean, seriously. The idea that Snape would...

And, abruptly, reality caught up to Harry. Because he suddenly understood that this wasn't just a secret, but a SECRET, and one that Snape the Death Eater probably had a number of reasons to not want to be known.

Shite. Harry was in deep shite.

[a/n: Earlier, Harry had just realized that Voldemort had been in his head. Scary enough, no?

Fourth "chapter" today, or something like that.


Song is anachronistic, and I don't care!]