Nobody ever asked my birthday

Chapter 24

For whatever reason, the Order had made a trail of breadcrumbs... or rather, order members, leading towards their goal. Gred and Forge found the next trap in an alley - Electric Sparks fizzled and leaped from one side of the alley to the other. It looked deadly serious, and not truly in keeping with training. Harry approved - and realized Snape would as well, from his smug place in the corner near the screen, arms crossed as usual.

Gred and Forge approached along the sides of the alley, using tossed chaff to determine that the effect was stable and not going to suddenly rush out to hurt them. From sheltered nooks (behind boxes) they began to scan the alley, eventually determining that Fletcher was directly across from them - on the other side of the wooden crates Gred was hiding behind.

They used a "Notice Me" spell on a galleon, and sent it rolling down the middle of the alley. In moments, Fletcher was grabbing for it, and failing to duck a precisely timed stunner.

It took them ten minutes to defuse his field (though Potter was privately sure they could have gone over it), and they carried on, after placing the electric doowiz into one of their expanding pouches.

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