Nobody ever asked my birthday

Chapter 130

Harry Potter found both his ring fingers tingling, and a suspicious swathe of his flank, and another small smidge just above his kidney. Still, he was grinning as Snape announced the homework assignment, "Select one of the three classic modifications to the shield spell, and be ready to demonstrate in front of the class. Also, that will be nine inches on all three modifications. Miss Granger, to be perfectly clear, that does not mean 27 inches total." Snape said, and Harry covered his mouth, as he didnt' want to audibly snicker at Hermione's usual overwriting being pointed out quite so clearly.

Harry slung himself into the shower with vehemence, washing off the sweat, all too aware that he'd be attending dinner in less than twenty minutes. And after that... More Defense. Well, the bonus was that Snape would probably not be there. (and if he was, he'd be refraining from commentary, which was the point of his absence as far as Harry was concerned). Harry tossed on his clothes, tried momentarily to flatten any wrinkles (they were myriad), and then he plummeted out the door, down the stairs, and raced for the Great Hall. Yes, he realized he wasn't supposed to be running, but he also realized that Snape detentions (even for imagined slights) were expected, and even desirable. Harry Potter somehow didn't want another detention for breathing. He'd rather have done something to deserve it.

"Mister Potter. That will be three detentions, for running, out of control conduct, and breaking the school dress code." Snape snarled, as he swiftly sidestepped the "speeding bullet" that was Harry Potter.

Harry wheeled on Snape, spitting out a cutting, "yes sir."

"Oi, mate, if you've got time..." Ron said, and Harry just looked at him. That wasn't like ron, not at all. Ron was the type to just dragoon Harry into doing something, not... not ask.

"Whatcha need?" Harry asked, trying for casual and hoping he wasn't failing utterly.

"Not now, later. Maybe... after curfew." Ron said, trying not to shift in his seat.

"What are you planning?" Harry whispered, careful to avoid s's as they carried.

"Nothing, not yet. After curfew, eh?" Ron said, with that genuine smile of his, and Harry could finally relax. Whatever was going on, Ron was still (mostly) acting like Ron. So, it was probably something Interesting. Harry had discovered he rather liked interesting when it didn't involve him putting his life on the line every five seconds.

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