Nobody ever asked my birthday

You cut potions class

Harry, it turned out, had skipped a lot of things on Monday.

Including Defense Club, which he regretted.

He'd skipped Detention with Snape, but he figured that was more of a "Safety Thing" than a "Disobedient Thing."

He was still a little red, waking up the next morning. More salve seemed to make a difference, though.

Harry was back from his run, and was striding down the stairs when he ran into a wall of a man.

Greg Goyle, to be exact.

Harry didn't have much choice when Goyle elegantly bowed (who knew he could do?), and gestured towards a smallish (for Goyle) alcove off the stairs. With an internal sigh, Harry strode into the nook.

"Draco says you cut potions class." Goyle said, and then just stared.

Harry gulped, realizing, for the first time, that yes, he actually had cut Potions class. Snape was going to kill him.

"Shite," Harry at last ground out, slapping his hand to his forehead, "I did, didn't I?"

"You cut Potions class, and just figured that out? How has Snape not tracked you down and drawn your guts for garters?" Goyle said, eyeing him up and down, "You don't look hurt that bad, Potter."

Goyle had been present at a lot of the Quidditch matches where Harry had gotten hurt. Heck, Goyle had gotten hurt a good few times on the Pitch too. Broken bones were nothing new to the young bruiser.

Harry smiled weakly, "I think he's waiting until the last punishment settles in, before assigning more."

Goyle shook his head, "Dreading every minute?"

Harry laughed, too loud for the small nook - "Well, I am now!"

Goyle didn't so much as crack a smile. "Walk lightly. You've got more eyes on you than you think."

As Harry walked downstairs, his mind swirled with inchoate thoughts.

Well, if that wasn't disturbing, Harry wasn't quite sure what would be. Harry knew that Voldemort's eye was on him - through Draco, if no one else. Although it was possible that Draco might withhold certain details from the Dark Lord; he was hardly going to omit an entire relationship.

Harry wondered who else could be keeping an eye on him. The Teachers, obviously. Snape counted as a separate category, of course, as he didn't keep his eavesdropping a secret. Dumbledore. The Slytherins, both as a whole, and in particular persons.

That Goyle had bothered to ask, to remind Harry that he'd forgotten Potions Class, of all the bothersome things...

Harry was not looking forward to mincing rat brains. They always had the oddest texture, like squished-together cottage cheese. Harry wondered if Snape had a hierarchy of punishments. Probably both yes and no, actually. Harry had often gotten cauldrons, but Snape would have snapped back at him about how it was good training for an impulsive Gryffindor. And, Harry had to admit, he wasn't as good at ingredient preparation as Hermione.

In fact, Snape probably had a different scale for every person who got detention. If Luna got detention for gazing into space (unlikely, for a Ravenclaw), Harry just knew that Snape would find a task that demanded her attention. And possibly would involve explosions if she didn't pay attention.

The Great Hall had the usual breakfast, that Harry was nearly done with by the time his friends had appeared. That was fine, it was easier to listen and talk when he wasn't satisfying more mundane appetites.

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Draco has learned many things from Snape. Goyle has simply learned the value of silence. Why speak when Potter will... eventually?]