Nobody ever asked my birthday

Chapter 282

Harry smirked as the rest of Snape's class (the entire year of students) filed quietly into the Room. Unnaturally so. Apparently there was nothing so quiet as students trying to avoid Snape's wrath. Were it any other teacher, the students would be whispering to each other, or giggling, or even elbowing each other.

Snape must have done something, Harry thought, but he rather thought it was Snape's personality and scowls that had everyone so quiet.

Luckily, they had stopped taking bets moments before Snape had walked thorough the door. Zambini, the last to bet, seemed to be trying to turn pale, which, given his dark skin, would have been quite the miracle.

Harry blinked as Snape entered the room. The room itself seemed to waver, and then seats sprang up all around them. "Sit down," Snape growled, and everyone hopped to a seat. The way the room was situated, the quarter of the students who had been here first were seated in the back.

"Who wants to go first?" Snape asked, his tone sharp. It was as if he wanted to ask for a fool - who would volunteer to go first, carte blanche? Not knowing a damn thing about what Snape was about to ask for? Arrogance or sheer stupidity.

Or, in this case, a combination of both. Zach Smith stood up and said, "I'll go first, if no one else wants it." At least he had some understanding of what he was diving into, Harry thought with a grin.

"A Running Report, if you will." Snape said, casually - no, smugly, leaning against the wall. And he started the projector. Harry had no idea how this worked, still, but it allowed the entire room to see a magical movie.

Draco Malfoy, in living color - well, as much as you expected from the albino at least - appeared on the screen. Snape, in his usual intimidating fashion, said, "Take no prisoners." and then promptly faded into the surrounding darkness.

The camera zoomed out, and showed, from behind Draco, Harry Potter emerging in front of Draco. Draco barred his teeth in a snarl, and immediately shot out an Avada Kedavra, rolling even as he cast it. The Harry Potter dodged it neatly, but the second Avada Kedavra, brilliant emerald green like his eyes, hit him straight. He fell to the ground, unmoving.

"Too offensive. Perhaps appropriate for the assignment. But you can't expect to win by simply using your most powerful spells either. You win, first and foremost, by not losing. Malfoy left himself too open, as did Potter in this one." Zach looked at Snape, and said, officiously, "Next."

Snape sneered back, but continued.

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