Nobody ever asked my birthday

Chapter 139

By the time Harry Potter had gotten upstairs, gotten himself changed out of the sweaty robes, and was ready to be civilized with other people, all his dormmates were curled up in beds, peeking out the curtains.

"Harry! There you are, mate!" Ron said in his usual cheerful tone, well ready to disregard any unpleasant manner that Harry'd had earlier. Ron always knew when Harry'd meant something, and when he hadn't. It was one of the things Harry liked best about his friend.

Harry sat down on his bed, his still gangly legs hanging off of it. Around them, the other Gryffindors were listening... "You said you needed some help with something?"

Ron got that goofy smile on his face again, and Harry instantly knew this was about Lavender Brown. "Yeah, so, um, there's this girl I like..."

"Lavender Brown" Harry prompted, slightly concerned that Ron had actually forgotten that he'd already told Harry.

"Yeah," Ron said, "You were right, Harry - If I want her to notice me, I have to do something."

Harry wanted simultaneously to sigh, cover his head in blankets and go to sleep - and to jump up and help Ron plan an escapade fully as loud and obnoxious as the Weasley twins had ever done. Harry Potter finally settled on just being quiet.

"Are you going to ask her out?" Neville said finally, his solid voice echoing faintly in the room.

Shamus said in his Irish lilt, "Oi, he can do better than that!"

"That's right, mate, we're on the case!" Dean said, starting a sketch of God Knows What. Harry wasn't sure he wanted to know, but he equally knew that he was coming along for the ride, come hell or high water.

So, Harry took a deep breath and started contributing, letting the brainstorming session wash away any residual anger in the sheer font of creativity.

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