Nobody ever asked my birthday

Chapter 233

Harry had had quite enough of everyone, thank you kindly. He wasn't sulking - it was hard to do that on top of the Astronomy tower, the wind would knock all the melancholy straight out of you. Well, at least it worked that way for Harry Potter - he somehow had a feeling that Snape, in a melancholic mood, might actually prefer the teeth of the wind. Seemed the type, anyway.

Harry had nabbed dinner from the kitchen, as well as lunch. He hadn't wanted to show up to the Great Hall, not after breakfast. In fact, he thought ruefully, I might just not show up at all, until after the ball. If then.

It wasn't like the teachers were likely to stop him, after all. Who'd bother? McGonagall cared, but she cared in a way that let a first year play Quiddich - rough and tumble was the way lions were made. Dumbledore had a thousand students to keep track of, so it wasn't like... well, anything personal.

Up here, on top of the castle, Harry started trying to spell two different things at once.

Nox and Lumos created some sort of living grey fog, that wrapped around him until he used a horribly bright Lumos to burn it away.

He tried a few combinations of simple charms - like the one Hermione used to fix his glasses; he'd finally managed to learn it this term, which he was rather proud of, and a simple Episkey. That wound up with flattened glasses (frames still unbroken, or rather broken and reformed flat and unbendy. He certainly couldn't fit them around his ears that way).

Trying to cast a stunner and a shield made the stunner appear, seconds after the shield, inside the shield, and Harry dove to the ground avoiding it.

It was at that point that he realized that maybe he really shouldn't be doing this alone, in the middle of nowhere, where the next person likely to stumble onto him would be there in hours - and be there to snog their boyfriend.

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