Nobody ever asked my birthday

Not sure why

For as long as Harry could remember, Hermione would always fix his glasses for him. It wasn't like he didn't... eventually... learn the spell (if he hadn't known before, he was dead certain that Snape would have forced learning it on him. Glasses were a favorite target of the lanky bastard; maybe something he'd first tested on James Potter, come to think...). It was just force of habit.

So Harry wasn't at all surprised when Hermione cast five different unlocking spells, and on the fifth, had the door open. She cast them silently too, so no one else could copy them. (Harry had only recognized the first two - alohamora, done silently so no one would laugh, and a third year unlocking charm he generally used on his own trunk).

Now, Hermione was leaning in, through the door. Harry could see Snape stalking nearer, and something like dread started to bubble up in his gut.

Harry's eyes, though, were still trained on Hermione, still unwilling to go through the door, and about to start spelling to see what was past it. Draco Malfoy, his eyes trained on another door, backed towards Hermione, effectively flanking her rump. Then, Draco Malfoy 'stumbled', the spell he cast going awry - and Hermione Granger stumbled through the door.

Malfoy had nudged her.

Harry had seen it.

Quick as greased lightning, Draco Malfoy slammed the door closed behind her.

From the other side, the entire room could hear the boom boom boom of Hermione throwing her shoulder against the door.

Harry took the cue from the blond Slytherin, casting a substantial variety of spells at the door to the right of Hermione's, moving closer until his back was cornering Malfoy's at a right angle. "She's going to get you back for that." Harry said.

"Worth it," Malfoy said, and moved away.

Harry had had another idea, and moved closer to his door, working on it. He put a seed in the door's lock, and then started showering it with water and light. "Trying to grow something, Potter?" Snape sneered. "I don't think that's quite how it works."

"Wait for it," Harry Potter growled, seeming, in his concentration, to not take note of who was speaking to him. Believe it or not, that was intentional. Harry needed his concentration, and thinking about Snape was hardly the way to keep it. Slowly, inside the lock, a venomous tentacula started to sprout. And, just like a baby, it found the tumblers, and started to play. That wasn't good enough, though Harry could, with his ear by the lock, hear them clinking up and down.

His wand shot sun through the keyhole, and he could see the first, and then the second tentacle push out. Just... Just a bit more, Harry thought.

And then he heard the click, the sound of all the tumblers being right. Harry'd known how to do this the muggle way, of course, but that required a bobby pin, and he was hardly going to pull it out of a Magical's hair, now was he?

Quietly, he opened the door and entered, closing the door behind him.

It was a black room, and there were little pools of light. Hermione was there, as was Goyle, rubbing his shoulder, who grinned without reservation at Harry Potter, "This one was wood!"

Susan Bones was over three, and Draco Malfoy was up two, seeming to sulk even in the light shining down on him. Doesn't want Hermione to humiliate him in front of everyone, I suspect.

Hermione muttered something unflattering about Goyle, and Harry made a mental note to make certain that Hermione worked more with the Huuge young man. It would be good for her, to realize that not everything was skin deep. Harry just wished Dudley was more than his excessively stuffed skin.

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