Nobody ever asked my birthday

Chapter 137

"What about everyone else? What were you thinking about?" Hannah asked, "Maybe I can help..." The Slytherins were eyeing her skeptically, and looking at each other with about the same level of unease.

Harry Potter didn't think about any of that, though. He was focused on Lavender Brown and Parvati Patil. "In line for remedial lessons?" He asked, his grin wide enough to be mocking.

Parvati actually blaunched, but Lavender just giggled, "Of course not, Harry, we were just... wanted to see what happened to you!"

"Sounds like you'd already made up your mind, even before I could get a word in edgewise."

The two girls giggled, sighed a dreamy "Oh Harry," and turned to go back to their group. As that had been the point of talking to the daft bints, Harry warily chalked the interaction up as a win. He continued watching their backs until they were out of natural earshot.*

Quietly, Harry Potter asked Crabbe, one of the few who hadn't managed a Patronus at all, "What were you thinking about?"

Crabbe looked at Potter, as if sightly dumbfounded that anyone would take the time to talk with him, let alone care about his answer to a question. Pansy stepped up, saying with a crafty smile, "My memory's the first time my mother hugged me and said she loved me." At that, Hannah looked nearly maudlin. Harry, on the other hand, was struggling to not show his entire emotional portfolio on his face. For one thing, that would be singularly unhelpful, as Pansy would assume that was directed at her.

"Wait, did you actually believe me?" Pansy said, her face bright and sharp as crystal, as she let out a peal of wicked laughter, "You did! You really, really did!"

"Alright, everyone, once more from the top." Draco Malfoy said, taking a turn around the room and adjusting Wyatt's arm and Gudrun's back as he went. Harry Potter turned and went the other way, taking the cue to not ask more questions.

Slytherins and their secrets. It said a lot about someone, when they thought their nearest and dearest secret was their happiest moment.

Harry Potter knew a lot about that, actually. And he'd heard something in what Pansy said that made his blood want to boil.

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