Nobody ever asked my birthday

Malfoy Watching

Sitting down to dinner, Harry's eyes were on two specific Slytherins (quite the trick when one was at the High Table). Malfoy looked contained... but Harry figured that was just rage simmering under the surface.

Quite quietly, Harry smirked. DA should be fun today, he thought wryly. Or would Draco be stuck hunting them again?

Hermione was working her books again, a parchment on one side of her, as she had her plate on the other. Harry craned his head over, and saw she was working on Flitwick's book. Not the charms book Snape had given them.

I hope Malfoy can make DA today, Harry thought, He's supposed to teach, at some point, isn't he? Not that I mind Goyle's werewolf classes.

Snape was still studiously not looking at Table Gryffindor, and Harry Potter frowned at that. Exactly how much had Snape been watching him? Surely he couldn't be avoiding work because he was upset with Potter, could he?

Actually, Snape did sound about that petty. And McGonagall was up at the High Table too; arguably, it was her job to watch Table Gryffindor.

Quietly, Harry wished he was in Ravenclaw or Hufflepuff. Nobody ever got 'corrected' there - and certainly didn't have two Heads competing over who got to correct (and take points) from the offender. Harry shook his head, That'd never have worked, and I know it.

Harry Potter was early to DA, earlier than nearly everyone. So, of course, he walked in on an ongoing argument between Malfoy and Granger. Surprisingly, it wasn't about Malfoy's teasing conduct earlier. I wish it was about that. No, for once, Granger was complaining about Malfoy's choice of subject material, which was amptly obvious from the moment Harry walked in the door. The alembic and cauldron said Malfoy was doing Potions.

Harry wanted to groan. He wasn't good at potions, he wasn't even decent at potions.

But - Hermione was always the one saying that Potions were necessary, to become an Auror and such. Frowning, Harry strolled over to them, knowing that the argument was unlikely to be settled before he arrived. Still frowning, Harry asked, "Hermione, what's the problem? Aren't you always saying that we need Potions to be an Auror? Surely they wouldn't put a requirement just for the sake of it?"

Hermione frowned over at Harry, "That's exactly what's done with 'weeder out' courses in uni, Harry." Seeming to step back from the digression (possibly in response to Malfoy's frown, which threatened a miniature explosion of questions), she sighed, "It's not that I don't think it's important, Harry. It's that these shields seem more pertinent to battle!"

Draco Malfoy yawned, dramatically, "Just let me teach my class. This isn't your class. You get to teach your class without me looking over your shoulder telling you what you're doing wrong."

Harry advanced, "As much as I hate to agree with Malfoy, he's right. It's his class, let him teach it." Harry thought to himself, grimly, If I thought there would be problems in the next week, I'd be singing a different tune.

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