Nobody ever asked my birthday

Chapter 205

"Continue with your report, Potter." Snape said, and Harry tried to stand up a bit straighter, taking note of the formality in his professor's voice. It helped him draw a bit of a distinction between Snape-the-Teacher and Snape-the-Death-Eater.

"I didn't understand it all, but sir, Mister Malfoy seemed upset at you breaking his ... toys? He seems a bit old to be playing with them, and you don't see like the type to be breaking ... toys." Harry said, sounding baffled.

"Surely you aren't so lackluster as to miss the metaphor." Snape sneered.

"Even so, I don't know what he's referring to." Harry said.

"In this case, he's referring to Cornelius Fudge..." Snape said, his voice drawling and quiet at the same time.

"The Minister?" Harry's eyes bulged, and he caught a glimpse of Snape looking smug (though that look seemed perpetually around the man, if not always shown). In a slightly higher pitched voice, Harry asked, "How did you break the Minister?"

"Oh, surely you've guessed." Snape said, smirking, "I merely pulled him out of politicking and into campaigning mode." If there was anyone who could look more catlike smug than Snape, Harry Potter was quite glad to have never met them.

Harry groaned, understanding, "He's too busy trying to get campaign contributions..." Harry looked up at Snape, eyes wide. "Am I... going to have to deal with him...?"

"Actually, the point was rather to have you not." Snape said, his voice snide.

"Thank goodness, I'm not sure I'm ready to have the Minister sucking up to me..." Harry said, shifting uncomfortably.

"Starting to see some benefits from your fall from Saviour Status?" Snape smirked, "Not being courted by Fudge serves two purposes: First, it makes him more interested, and Second, it keeps you out of Hogsmeade. Otherwise known as out of trouble." Snape somehow managed to finish that by looking down his long nose at Harry.

Harry backed up a pace, purely so he could glare into Snape's eyes. "Hey! I've been perfectly capable of staying out of trouble when I've been in Hogsmeade!"

"Including throwing snowballs from under an invisibility cloak?" Snape asked, "When you weren't even supposed to be in Hogsmeade!"

Harry refused to blush. Harry refused to blush. Harry was blushing anyway. "Harmless fun! And I should have been able to go, everyone else was going!"

"Mercilessly attacking someone who couldn't even tell there was an enemy nearby?" Snape purred.

"They were snowballs!" Harry said, and despite himself and his fists at his side, he cracked up laughing. Snape, amazingly, waiting until he was done before continuing to question Harry.

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