Nobody ever asked my birthday

Chapter 27

"Hey, Prof!"

"ess-or die!"

The twins rattled off, in a semblance of their usual humor, even as they heard the elder Weasleys coming out from behind them.

"Whatcha got for me now, boys?" Lupin asked, his voice casual as his wand in his hand.

"Just This!" The twins cried together, and chucked a dungbomb at his head. It hit, and the smell - made much worse by werewolf senses, had Remus Lupin clawing at his nose.

Quick as a flash the twins galloped by him, and they ducked down the next corner, relieved to not see anyone there. "Think we lost him?" One twin asked.

"I think I lost my nose."

"Teach you to forget the Bobble"

"That's cause I've got more head than you!"


"Lucky no one's right here,"

"Leprechaun luck." The other twin said.

"You haven't done anything you haven't told me about, have ya?"

"Nope, but look at the hair."

They crept along the side of the alley, peering around a suspicious corner to see Shacklebolt and Tonks, ready and alert.

"Uh, oh, I think I've lost..."

"My marbles!"

Harry Potter couldn't help but smirk at that one - if he wasn't quite imagining it, he thought he saw Snape smirk as well out of the corner of his eye. Harry shook his head, - as the twins started to set up their next "prank" aka battle tactic - he considered. Snape always seemed to smirk, never to smile. Harry considered this a bit more, as it was starting to bug him. It wasn't Sirius's carefree grin - or Ron's - hell, Hermione was serious as anything, and she still smiled. Snape just had this way of taking situations - even victories - and smirking through them. It was arrogance personified. That was all. In a flash, Harry had it - it was arrogance, but it was also the act of someone insecure. Someone much, much more confident in their deeds than in their social standing... a person who relied on deeds for social standing, and seemed to ask of everyone, "didn't you think I could do that? of course i could, I just did." It was odd to even contemplate Snape as unconfident - he seemed to ooze confidence and resolution. And yet, now that Harry had thought about it, it was impossible to unsee.

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