Nobody ever asked my birthday

Chapter 23

It seemed Filius Flitwick was up next. He was a sitting duck (okay, not really) in the middle of the street. Harry looked keenly at the diminuitive professor - Hermione had mentioned that he had been a formidable duelist back in the day. How had the twins managed to get past him?

In a nearby alley, the twins were setting up mirrors, bouncing light back and forth. Quietly, they both started chanting a spell. The light changed into sparks, in myriad colors. With a smile, they pulled up one of the mirrors, and sent the stream of cascading sparks out at Flitwick. He was clearly mesmerized, too busy chasing after it, "What charm is this? Oh, look at the pretty colors! How many charms is this? Why can't I see them?" Prof. Flitwick was busy throwing up barricade after barricade, hoping to capture the charm before it exploded into it's intended magical form.

Whistling softly, and looking entirely too casual, the twins walked by, as if nothing was wrong.

Harry hadn't thought anything was wrong, actually. Push the Charms professor's professional interest, and watch him whirl and caper. It took one glance at Hermione to revise that. Was she actually taking notes? Shaking his head, Harry thought wryly that sometimes the Room of Requirement could be too helpful.

As the twins ducked behind cover, the film stopped again. "Did you actually transfigure light?" Snape snapped, his eyes cold. But, thought Harry, the fact that Severus Snape doesn't know what they've done... Harry quietly began to suspect that they had done something impressive

"I think they did!" Prof Mcgonagall said, her tone more shocked than awed.

"Into what did you transform the light?" Asked Dumbledore - and it was moments later before Harry remembered that Dumbledore's specialty had been Transfiguration.

"Into sparkly light!"

"Filius seemed to find it grand." the other twin said swiftly.

[a/n: hate the twins. hate their style. Oh, well, at least they didn't make laser light. We'll leave that to Hermione, eh?

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