Nobody ever asked my birthday

For making a fool out of me

Harry had hoped he'd have a bit of time on Friday to read more of his mum's writings. Apparently they'd had just as horrid a DADA teacher as Quirrell or Lockhart, as they were constantly exploring things that weren't anywhere near the chapters of the book.

At dinner, however, Hermione had announced that they were going to get their homework done tonight. Tomorrow was a Hogsmeade weekend, right? Harry hadn't particularly wanted to explain why he might not 'feel up to' going tomorrow, so he'd gone along - a bit mulishly, truth be told.

Halfway to curfew, Harry was trying to plot and read books at the same time. All he wanted was a little time away, cozy and safe up in his bed...

Hermione looked up (behind Harry), and paled. "Erm?" she managed.

Someone tapped Harry on the shoulder (and said someone ought to be very glad Harry was warned. With how jumpy he'd been recently, Harry might not have flinched from taking off someone's arm.)

Harry Potter turned around to see Draco Malfoy, clad in that ridiculous regalia Snape had come up with for his Squad. "Can I help you?" Harry asked, his voice low but the malice clear. "It's just you're interrupting."

"A word, Potter." Draco Malfoy hissed, somehow, without a single 's'.

"Speak quickly, then" Harry said, leaning away from Malfoy and trying to look relaxed about it.

"In Private," Draco Malfoy said, and Harry could tell from his eyes that it would be a good idea to agree.

Harry stood up, apologized to his friends - Ron still wore a concerned look, but Hermione was so buried in her books that you'd have almost thought that she didn't even notice Harry's absence. Harry knew that wasn't the case.

Draco Malfoy led Harry deep into the stacks, into the Divination section of all places (though Harry suspected it was about as little used as History of Magic). "You'll be serving detention tomorrow. Report to the Great Hall at 9am."

Harry Potter sighed, feigning sorrow he didn't truly feel. He wasn't going to be feeling alright until he'd seen Snape come back, after all. Better to be someplace where it was expected that he be pulling long faces. "And the other two?" Harry asked.

Draco Malfoy blinked, then his eyes cleared, "No, you misunderstand. This detention is for conspicuously making a fool of a Prefect in public - it's bad for discipline. Snape's detentions are his own and he'll tell you how to spend them."

"I..." Harry said, looking a bit more abashed then he truly felt, "I didn't think of that."

Draco Malfoy said, "The way you're going, it's truly a wonder if you manage to think at all."

"We... next week, couldn't be partners. It wouldn't work..." Harry said.

"And was that any reason to land me square in a lecture from Snape on the perspicacity required of a Slytherin Prefect? I have better things to do on a Friday Night, I'll have you know." Draco Malfoy said, though Harry doubted Malfoy was actually snogging people in broomclosets, as he'd implied. "Besides, you could have asked me, and we could have come up with a solution together."

Harry toed the ground with his shoe. "I didn't think of that."

"Obviously," Malfoy snarled back. "You're supposed to at least make use of partners."

Harry remembered Hermione telling him how she wanted to at least be asked before he started scheming. And, worse, how he hadn't just asked Snape about his Gryffindor Friend.

"I'm sorry," Harry said, feeling the truth in his bones.

"Well, a detention will surely give you a little more time to repent, then." Malfoy said. "I did use that word right, didn't I?"

Harry nodded.

"If you'd have asked me, we could have easily fixed the situation by making you look the fool. Remember that." Malfoy said sternly, before gliding off.

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