Nobody ever asked my birthday

Chapter 193

From his stand on the dais, Snape flourished his arm, taking the cape with it in a whirl of black fabric. As it settled, there was a feast in front of them. Well, not quite a Hogwarts feast - more party food. Snape snapped his fingers, and 1-2-3 music* appeared out of nowhere.

"You will receive a zero on the first question. Can anyone tell me what they missed?" Snape drawled.

Draco Malfoy, Harry noticed out of the corner of his eye, had gone white, and was balling his hands into fists ... but not, Harry thought, out of anger, but... what then?

One of the Ravenclaws raised her hand, saying clearly, "That was a notice me not spell, wasn't it sir?"

"Indeed. Ten points to the person who can tell me what I could have done with an unnoticed notice-me-not spell." Snape said.

Hermione raised her hand, but no one was surprised when Snape called on Goyle instead, likely to rub into everyone's soul exactly how easy of a question it was. "Any number of dangers, from people to hippogryffs. Or, even subtler, nothing at all."

Snape cocked his head at that, clearly not having expected that answer.

"Malfoy once used a noticemenot to conceal a hole in the ground. I nearly broke my leg that day." Goyle said stoutly. Malfoy, still looking slightly shaken, tried to look smug.

"Very good," Snape said, his look of approval heading straight toward Draco and not Goyle.

"Well, you have your partners. Music is playing. It is time to dance." Snape said, in that completely straightfaced way of his. Harry wondered, idly, how much Snape was laughing on the inside. He wouldn't be doing this otherwise... would he?

Seamus asked, "Will this be on our pop quiz?"

Snape responded, with a sneer, "I've never heard of a pop quiz with only one question, have you?" Which, Harry noted with growing alarm and suspicion, was neither a yes or a no. It was a distraction, and those were always worth noting.

*Think waltz, it's a distinctly gliding varietal of music, about the polar opposite of a Sousa March.

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