Nobody ever asked my birthday

Chapter 289

Luna twirled when she got out in the sun, giggling a bit. Harry watched her, a small smile on his face. Luna was always so carefree, even when people had been bullying her, she'd risen above it, like a balloon. And sure, they'd probably tied knots in her string, but it was almost as if she hadn't cared. Harry himself strode out into the sunlight, looking up at the sun for a moment, before looking out at the Forbidden Forest.

"Do you ever think you're a fly, trapped in a spider web? Struggling and struggling and unable to win free?" Luna asked.

"No," Harry said, looking out. "Worse comes to worse, I can always just fly away." It was almost even true. He wasn't the Chosen One anymore, right? That had to be good for something!

Luna was also staring out at the Forbidden Forest, as she asked, "Then why do you act like you are?"

Harry stood there silent, for a while, trying to think about what she'd said. Truly, he'd have a hard time explaining why he got so angry. Ron got angry, and shouted and yelled, but somehow with him it was different. The next day, it was as if the anger hadn't been.

Finally, after a long time, he said softly, "I don't know, Luna."

She turned to him, giving him a kind smile, "Well, that's good at least. Knowing what you don't know is the first step to finding the answers."

"I know, Luna." Harry responded, with a genuine smile.

"I know what I think." Luna said softly, "I think you let every emotion you have hit you like an olyphant." Harry didn't need a dictionary to remember what those were, big trunked things with floppy ears, bigger than a dragon's body.

"You're right," Harry said smoothly. Luna, even when she was sad, always seemed to float over everything. Harry envied her that trait. There were numerous times when he hadn't wanted to care nearly as much as he did.

"You need to stop, Harry." Luna said, facing him fully. "You were pushing people around on a staircase. Someone might have gotten hurt! You know the firsties don't know which stairs are tricky yet."

"I'd like to," Harry said, wondering if those were thestrals out between the trees. "But I don't know how."

"Here," Luna said, holding a five petalled flower on a chain.

"What's this?" Harry asked.

"It's a synecdoche." Luna said with a soft smile, "If you look at it, you can monitor your emotions."

"And if someone else sees it?" Harry asked.

"Then they can help too! But you've got to wear it for it to work."

"Can it be anything, Luna? I don't like pink flowers..."

"Any flower would do, Harry - some other things, but they need to be separable, like flower petals."

"How about a Lily?" Harry asked.

Luna nodded emphatically. "That's perfect!" Luna then looked as stern as Luna could, saying, "Harry, you can't tell anyone I gave this to you."

"What, because they'll think I'm daft?" Harry smiled to take the sting out.

"I'm not supposed to have it, not really. It's just it asked so sweetly..." Luna smiled, "And I knew it could help..."

"No problem, then," Harry said with a broad smile, "I'll just tell everyone my Mum left it to me."

"I think you should meditate before you go to your next class," Luna said.

"I'm sorry for taking you from class, Luna." Harry said softly.

Luna smiled brightly, "Flitwick wants to Teach Us Properly how to create artifacts. He won't even let me show my way, and it's faster and better too!"

Harry mumbled agreement with Luna's logic.

Luna continued, "So I really have to thank you for keeping me out of class!"

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