Nobody ever asked my birthday

Chapter 308

Severus Snape had long ago forgotten how to smile. It probably had something to do with the brand on his left forearm.

Had he still remembered how, he might have smiled at the tomfoolery Malfoy and Potter had unleashed upon themselves. Of all the daft plans! Snape had originally considered which one had come up with it, before concluding that they'd both have to be involved to come up with something this cracked.

With a face still as stone, he buried the enjoyment deep, as both boys showed bewildered expressions as girls (and boys) flocked to them, flirting.

Even better, Malfoy was back in his own skin, so it wasn't Blaise dealing with the fools.

Snape's money sat squarely on Potter breaking first, though he thought Minerva would bet the other way. Malfoys were notoriously ill-tempered scoundrels, after all.

Snape had run across many foolish plans, but this one had backfired as spectacularly as he'd concluded it would. Minerva had had the same thought when he'd shared it with her - her cackling laughter had undoubtedly been heard throughout the castle.

Snape devoutly hoped that the reason Harry Potter had been so unbalanced wasn't Draco Malfoy. He rather thought it wasn't, but had to conclude that, for a Noble Gryffindor, having to deal with unrequited love might just create enough of an emotional storm to rouse the Dark Lord himself.

Snape very much did not look forward to telling the Dark Lord that he'd been waken out of a sound slumber because of an Adolescent's Awkwardness with Lust. That would not go well, at all.

Unbeknownst to the rest of the world, as Snape sipped his black coffee, his dark laughter echoed within his shields.

Minerva, stern though she was, could barely choke back the smile, resorting to looking into her cup frequently, allowing it to hide her delight.

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