Nobody ever asked my birthday

Chapter 202

It wasn't the dancing lessons, that was for sure, Harry thought as he lept down the stairs, taking them three and four at a time, using the bannisters to jump over fading or moving steps. and bank around turns. If he thought of the whole thing as flying, it just clicked, in his head.

Before he'd really wanted to get there, he was right at Snape's door, and knocking, trying - mostly in vain, to moderate his breathing.

"Enter." Snape's voice called clearly through the door.

So Harry did, closing the door behind him as soon as he was through. He stood there, nearly against the door, looking at Snape. Idly, he wondered what Snape saw when Harry looked at him - really looked. Right now, Harry was just assessing how ... depleted Snape looked. Professor Snape standing was a good sign, if only Harry could trust it. He'd forced himself through things enough times to know how possible it was, and it was quite a bit more powerful for Snape.

"I believe you have a report for me," Snape said, one eyebrow raised in questioning interest.

"On what, sir?" Harry asked.

"On an interaction you witnessed between Lucius Malfoy and members of the Hogwarts staff." Snape said, rapping it out quickly enough that Harry knew he was starting to get annoyed, even if he wasn't to the point of showing it yet.

Harry's brow creased, and suddenly he blurted out, "But sir! you were there!"

"All the more reason that I can intelligently evaluate your report." Snape said implacably.

Harry Potter forced himself to stillness, thinking over what happened. Almost without thinking, he began to pace, still near the door, letting his feet move when his mind needed to stay sharp and focused.

Snape forbore to comment, and Harry was quietly glad. Snape wanted a good report, then, and not a rushed one.

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