Nobody ever asked my birthday

Chapter 51

Harry Potter had thought, upon waking, that it was Thursday, and that he mostly didn't have anything to worry about. It was a good feeling, truth be told. Like he could do anything, and find everything okay at the end of the day. This was partially because he didn't have class with Snape today, of course.

He closed his eyes, and started trying to remember how he had cast a different spell than he had signed. His brain wasn't, apparently, wired to remember a week ago with terribly much fidelity,* though, so Harry figured he'd try again before he went to bed. Or... maybe... within the room of Requirement. There had to be some way he could jog his memory, right?

With a leap and a jump, Harry was off to breakfast, and then to class. This was his first day of classes with Hermione, since... well, the thing he wasn't supposed to be thinking about (instead, he summoned an image of some very bouncy breasts that surprisingly belonged to Professor Sprout, and held that in his head instead, until he could simply look at Hermione without needing to think about... that thing.).

Hermione looked close to tears, as Flitwick called on her to demonstrate the latest charm that he was teaching. To everyone (except Harry) 's surprise, there was nothing. Now, in years of Charms, people had grown accustomed to Hermione Granger pulling things off perfectly. But it was rare indeed, even for the worst student, to accomplish nothing. They were far more likely to manage to blow the object to bits than to do nothing.

Finally, Prof. Flitwick broke out of his staring, turning towards Draco Malfoy, and asking him to demonstrate. With a smarmy smile that made Harry just want to punch his daylights out, Malfoy demonstrated it with a fluidity that Harry couldn't help but envy. Harry's movements always seemed jerky. Oh, sure, they worked - but they didn't flow. Someone should teach Malfoy how to do a spell chain... Harry thought, and then blinked. Did I really think that? Unbidden, Sirius Black's grinnng mug rose in front of Harry's mind's eye. No, it was not a good idea to teach Draco Malfoy, Future Death Eater, a god-damned thing.

Truth be told, Malfoy looked a bit... startled when Hermione Granger also flubbed the transfiguration (though, admittedly, she at least managed to change the color of the frog). Minerva McGonagall just looked worried, and all the Slytherins were smugly laughing as Malfoy started to "Show them how it's done." in the most grandiose poses he could pull off. Harry finally couldn't take the great wanker anymore, and cough-whispered, "Lockhart." Malfoy shot him a sharp glare, and continued in style. Harry, however, hadn't really expected Draco Malfoy to listen. Not immediately, at any rate.

It was right before dinner when Harry Potter managed to get Hermione alone - she had crept off to an unused classroom, and she was trying a simple levitation charm, over and over and over again. Harry, however, had decided that enough was enough. He wasn't going to let Hermione drown in her own lack of confidence. He snuck up carefully, and then said, directly in her ear, "Boo!"

He dropped to the floor, looking up at Hermione, who was staring at the wall, looking at the blazing fire spell she had thrown in her terror. Harry climbed to his feet, glad that he had been trained by the school of hard knocks, and knew how to fall without breaking anything. "You forgot it wasn't supposed to work," He said with a shrug, and then Hermione impulsively hugged him. "Thank you thank you thank you" she cried. Harry hugged her back, of course, and as Hermione quieted, she whispered in his ear, "I was starting to think I might never get it..."

Harry responded, equally quietly, "Magick's always there when you need it."

*Apparently Uncle Vernon was reminiscing with Aunt Marge about being young and getting a good car stereo.

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