Nobody ever asked my birthday

Chapter 246

"Why didn't you tell me you were reviewing the entire Order Meeting?" Harry Potter snapped, his eyes like leaping pools of green fire.

"First, because it's none of your business." Snape said, then paused, "No, for once, that's not the case. It is your business, but it is not your problem."

Snape stood, leaning over his desk to put himself at eye level with Potter, "You are a first year member of an organization that is settled in its ways, and has its own thoughts on certain matters." Snape crossed his arms, and said, "Including my inclusion on certain matters."

"Second, because you didn't ask." Snape said, smirking and looking really smug. Harry simultaneously wanted to pound his own face into the wall, and pound Snape's. Because dammit if the bastard wasn't right. And Harry could see Snape luxoriating in his realization.

"Yes," Snape said mockingly, "You will find that asking questions may, on occasion, get you the answers you wish. If not, you'll probably be given at least the knowledge that what you're asking for is secret."

"I hate secrets." Harry Potter said, his growling voice coming from between gritted teeth. Snape was privately convinced that he sounded like a 3 week old lion cub, and was about as dangerous.

Snape smirked, "No, of course you don't hate secrets. You hate not knowing everything. It wasn't exactly a secret what Mr. Weasley was doing, but did you need to know it? Of course you didn't! You snuck around following me for months your first year, trying to figure out what I was doing! That was also not a secret - Dumbledore knew, as did all the other Heads of House."

Harry snorted silently, "No wonder McGonagall wouldn't believe us."

Snape looked stern, suddenly, all trace of humor vanishing like mist before noontime sun. "McGonagall fought beside me in a truly brutal war. She's had my back, as I've had hers. There was no possible thing a first year could say that could convince her that I was out to steal The Philosopher's Stone." Snape said, turning truth into fiction as effortlessly as he breathed. He hated knowing that most of the Order still mistrusted him - was convinced he might turn at a moment's notice, but it was the truth. As was the fact that he'd had their backs on numerous occasions, and they really ought to trust him.*

Harry was flushed at the comments, trying to pull himself back into how livid he'd been. But really, he could have asked after the last meeting. Snape might not have told him, but he'd at least have been listened to. Harry reflected wryly that he was so used to not being listened to - under any circumstances - by the Dursleys that he expected it from any adult. Which, when it came right down to it, was really just silly.

*Snape's perception may not reflect reality.

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