Nobody ever asked my birthday

Chapter 216

The truly difficult part about catching a cat with Magic, Harry Potter soon discovered, was finding a cat in the first place. He knew the names of three cats - two of whom found lying on him delightful in the Gryffindor common room.

And he just knew that Hermione (and, unfortunately, Ron) would be after Crookshanks.

Crookshanks was a willful little beast, and Harry knew that he'd have just one shot if the blighter hadn't gotten out of Hermione's room. He skated out onto the third floor balcony.* With a thought, he cast "Accio Broom" - it wasn't his Firebolt, but the school broom that came to his hand would take him. Probably. He eyed it dubiously for a moment, and then vaulted onto it.

Up it went, a little fast and a little shakily. He pointed it straight for Gryffindor Tower, and as he nearly hit the wall, pointed it straight up. He could hear someone shouting, "Hey, that's Harry Potter!" - probably someone in Divination, about to predict Harry's unfortunate, but sadly predictable, death.

Harry shot to the Gryffindor Girls' Dorm, and peeked in at Crookshanks, dreamily sleeping on Hermione's bed. Or, he was, until Harry blocked his sunbeam. It was at this point that Harry realized he'd need to open the window. The Probably Locked window. In the meantime, Crookshanks grumpily stood up, readying himself to jump off the bed. Harry stuck his hand out, trying to push up on the top of the window.

Yup. Locked.

Naturally, it was at this point that Hermione raced into the room, cooing, "Crooksie!" Her cat obediently scampered over to her welcoming arms.

Rats! Harry thought, even as Lavender and Parvati made it into the room, looking jealously at Hermione. "You hadn't thought you'd get my cat, did you?" Hermione said stuffily.

Neville probably has MollyWimpkins and Sneazl by now, Harry thought. If I was a cat, where would I be?

Harry thought of Mrs. Figg's cats, and then of Filch. No, if I was a cat, I'd be up on top of the castle, stalking innocent birds.

*ramparts, actually. but who expects Harry to know medieval architecture?

[a/n: Snape, meanwhile, is enjoying not teaching while McGonagal "supervises" his class. Lad seriously needed a day off.

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No, most cats aren't going to be hunting birds. Most cats are practical beasts who hunt mice and rodents. Showoffs hunt birds.]