Nobody ever asked my birthday

Chapter 96

I can't wait for class to be over. Harry thought, then continued grimly, I can't wait for my life to be over. Everyone keeps staring at me, or worse, laughing behind my back. I don't even know what's so funny. OR why girls keep trying to climb me like a tree.

Last class of the day. All I have to do is run the gauntlet up to Transfiguration. Surely McGonagall won't let people laugh at me in class?

Harry bolted out of Charms, dodging myriad robe-clad figures (unidentified in his haste). Two corridors away from Transfiguration, he froze.

Malfoy. Well, fuck.

Malfoy, of course, was wearing the new Inquisitional Emblem (a double-headed eagle), and looked like something straight out of Prussia. Well, Malfoy always looked like a Prussian Officer, it was something about how he stood, Harry idly supposed. Snapping his head back to the conversation, Harry heard Malfoy drawl, "No running in the corridors."

Moments later, the girls heading to Transfiguration noticed them both. Instead of getting to class on time, they turned, identical expressions of glee on their faces. (Well, except for Hermione, who looked startled, worried, and a trifle scared.)

They came for Harry Potter in a rush, like a sped up zombie movie.

Malfoy never stood a chance, standing with his back to them - by the time they were past, he was disheveled and sprawled on the floor, moaning so softly Harry lipread it rather than hearing it.

The girls were trying fifteen different ways to liplock with Harry - or press various soft portions of their anatomies on him. Though Harry was generally a big fan of girls', he really didn't like crowds, particularly crowds of people touching him.

It felt a lot more scary than the cupboard under the stair. There, he was just lonely. This reminded him of times that he'd gotten caught when Duds had gone Harry Hunting.

Squeezing his eyes perfectly shut, Harry swallowed, suddenly wanting to scream at the flashbacks and memories pouring through his brain. He could feel sparks and bright flashes of pain, as heavy feet landed on him.

Malfoy's drawl cut through the girls' giggles and light laughter. "That'll be a detention for each of you. Girls, yours will be with Filch. Potter, you can go sit with Snape." Harry was actually envious of how Malfoy could manage to get such varied vocal intonation into what was essentially a bellow. He made it sound like he was just talking, except louder.

Harry gritted his teeth loudly at Malfoy, and said, "Thanks for the detention, you're so kind."

Malfoy, as usual, just smirked in response.

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