Nobody ever asked my birthday

Chapter 317

The next day was bright and cheerful, Harry taking his morning run at near daybreak. He saw McGonagall wave her tail at him from one of the first floor classrooms, and waved back. He was back and showered before everyone woke up, even.

It was the start to a beautiful day.

Unfortunately, there were classes to be dealt with, as he'd rather have been out on a broom, or playing with Fang, or anything else outside, even Aunt Petunia's roses (which had only been really horrid during the summer, all that sweat and nothing to drink but the hose, which always made him feel like a dog.).

Snape's defense class seemed to go on forever, Harry thought, as the entire class tried to find circles that would work. Well, aside from Greg, Neville and Crabbe - they were working just fine, and trying to find what they could do with other people.

Harry'd stepped into the middle of their circle, but even thinking of Aunt Petunia's roses didn't seem to do anything at all.

The rest of the class couldn't even form a single circle, not even when Anthony had sorted everyone and made sure they tried Every. Single. Combination.

It was frustrating to an extreme, and more so, Harry could feel Snape's eyes on the class, diligently taking notes in his head. Harry was starting to feel a little like Neville - that itch in the back of your head when you know someone is watching. And it didn't even stop when Snape was looking at someone else.

Near the end of class, Susan Bones had stood in the middle of the one working circle, and as she closed her eyes, slipped into the floor up to her waist. She hadn't even realized she was doing it until she opened her eyes, either. "HELP!" she shrieked, "I'm in the FLOOR!"

As Snape strode over, robes swirling, other people laughed - Harry did too, after taking Snape's measure and concluding that it couldn't be that serious, he didn't even look as angry as when Neville melted cauldrons, and Neville did that routinely.

"What did you do?" Snape snapped.

"I was trying to become... one, I guess. Fade into my surroundings, be a part of everything." Susan said, her tone befuddled.

Snape incanted a long incantation, and the stone turned to water around her, as he grabbed her arm with his left hand and dragged her up. "Don't step there," he said unnecessarily.

That was the end of the excitement for the lesson, however, as the next fifteen minutes were spent with fruitless attempts, particularly Su Li, who insisted she'd get it, somehow. Snape's lips had thinned at that comment, so Harry figured the odds were slim.

"Potter, stay behind." Snape's slick as stone voice said.

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