Nobody ever asked my birthday

Chapter 441

"Looks like a lovely time you're having, Potter." Draco Malfoy's voice intoned, from somewhere behind Harry's ear.

Harry jumped, nearly pivoted in place, only Malfoy's wiry hand on his shoulder preventing it.

"I'm not here," Malfoy said, and Harry's eyes at last caught sight of the oddity - he couldn't see Malfoy's hand, even though he could feel it on his shoulder.

"So I see," Harry said, hiding a smirk - it would look odd to be smirking at nothing, after all.

"People watch you. You couldn't manage to hide if your life depended on it." Draco Malfoy said.

Harry shrugged, "I can hide fine enough. People don't bother a bear, even if they always keep track of where it is."

Harry could hear the smile in Malfoy's voice (and that was odd, the bloke barely ever smiled), "True enough. But I'd rather not make waves, and nobody's going to miss me for a little bit."

Harry shrugged, "So long as nobody wants me to put on a show."

Malfoy's laugh was light and cold, as silver as his eyes. "When I was affianced to Pansy, shows were the least of it. She wanted everything, and all of it immediately."

Harry chuckled, low and quiet. "I wouldn't even know where to begin."

"Hey! I didn't either. Mum had to talk me through half of it, and that using an owl."

"No wonder you used to get so many owls!" Harry said softly, his voice amused.

"I miss them. I even miss Pansy, though she was a tyrant." Malfoy said lightly, and Harry knew if he could see those silver eyes, they'd flicker with a trace of sadness.

Harry had only a second to contemplate 'Malfoy's situation' - he really hadn't given any thought to the social consequences of (he presumed) being a Death Eater. Then Ron and Hermione descended on him, tugging him off his comfy tree and sending him into the dance.

Talking with Malfoy had given Harry cause to acquire a new goal: Avoid Pansy Parkinson at all costs.

[a/n: for anyone saying, "I don't think Malfoy would deliberately open himself to mockery from Potter." This Is A Scheme. Slytherins do things like that.

And that last line? Very good thought. The Slytherins have a bet going, about Pansy killing Potter if her parents decide she's married him. Nobody's betting she won't.