Nobody ever asked my birthday

Chapter 112

Sue Bones actually pushed Hannah into the Harem next, and then Hannah, laughing and blushing, grabbed Sue and dragged her along.

With a cool eyeroll, Draco Malfoy stepped into the Harem, stepped up behind Hannah, and wrapped his hands around her waist, as he planted a kiss on her neck. Hannah looked back at him as Draco turned her, so that they were both facing the ... audience. "Hey, Griffindorks, what's the matter, you scared?" That was, needless to say, a really strange tone to use while taunting people. It was almost like he wanted to invite us, but ... couldn't find the words, except for insults.

With a wave of his wand, Harry stripped out of the weirdest parts of his gear, leaving him in tattered clothes, but without big shoes or a red nose. He walked, steadily, towards the Harem - and people murmured around him. Hermione looked at him with a glare, and Gin felt like she was giving him more than that - a "don't fuck with me" stare. So, Harry did what Harry was going to do.

First, he smiled, that ten galleon smile that he knew (somehow!) made girls shriek.

Next, he said, "I've never been the type to turn down a dare."

Then, he grabbed Gin Weasley (who shrieked), as he twirled her in.

Harry wasn't, um, quite as prepared for the kiss-with-tongue she planted on his face. Or her muttered comment, "Stick with me, kid." What was that, really? was she referencing something? Offering to look out for him? Harry wasn't sure he shouldn't be offended by that... Still, Gin was pretty - he'd meant it when he'd said she looked like a knockout, and it was fun carding his hands through her short copper hair.

Others took that as their cue, and the whole place was filled with people necking, dancing, snogging. Hermione stood on the edge, looking nervous, until someone - either Goyle or Millie, Harry thought, grabbed her and tugged her bodily into the scrum. Ron still stood outside, looking a bit wary - but everyone else had managed to get in. Well, let him be. Harry's eyes focused on Ernie, his pudgy fat hand rolling over Daphne Greengrass's pert little breast. She was laughing at his eagerness, her hand guiding his. Luna's hands were wrapped around - was that Zambini? Harry thought it was, and he couldn't have believed it if he hadn't seen it. Gretchen had her arms around little Collin Creevey, who was looking so unsure of himself, that Harry'd not really thought possible...

Owch! Harry looked around, to see Gin grinning at him, "You forgot about me, didn't you?" Sheepishly, Harry nodded assent.

The room narrowed down to Gin's thin lips and her small, perky breasts. Harry didn't even notice a single other detail until the entirety of the Harem was washed out with one loud cascade of water, right out of the ceiling.

"That's enough of that, Harry - that's my sister!" Ron Weasley said, and Harry flushed beet red.

"Thanks for ruining it for the rest of us," Seamus complained.

"Hey, that was my line," Draco Malfoy responded, his hands still wrapped around ... Hannah Abbot, flushed a pretty pink.

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