Nobody ever asked my birthday

International Lady of Mystery

Pansy was sniffing each loaf carefully, making it around halfway down before she picked up one and lightly tore through it, eating just a bit to get to the center.

Harry couldn't help it - he had to know. "What does yours taste like?"

"Olives," Pansy said, shooting him a carefully triumphant, and quite mysterious, smile. Yes, that was definitely all he was getting out of her. And yet, 'Why Olives' was echoing through his mind.

"What's yours?" Justin asked Susan Bones.

She smiled back at him, "Honeysuckle."

Neville paled, looking interested. "Oh, he did not -" He strode over.

"Yes, he did!" Sue said, stomping lightly on the floor with her foot. "Here try a bit."

Neville did, his eyes bulging with surprise. "That... I don't believe it!" He laughed.

Parvati sniffed one, her pert nose wrinkling, in a way that Harry wanted to laugh at. "That sly bastard!"

Harry looked over at her, but she didn't seem to need his prompting. Pansy smiled a smug smile, "What'd he do now?"

"Lav and I had gone to ask the Potions Master about a bonding agent for several immiscible agents for the shampoo we were working on. He just looked at us, and told us to get out." Parvati... smiled? "Ambergris! That sly bugger went ahead and solved the problem!"

Morag said primly, "He probably thinks it a neat reward for solving his puzzle."

Mandy and Morag quickly found their loaves - there weren't many left.

Harry Potter started sniffing over ones, having a bit of trouble figuring out what Snape might have left for him. Scratch that, that wasn't the problem. The problem was that there were a world of possibilities. And that would be for Normal Snape, or even Mad-As-Hell Snape. For Snape-Ignores-You? Harry didn't even have any clue.

Which was why he was just standing there, two loaves in hand, when Hermione and Draco found their loaves.

"Vanilla!" Hermione said, turning to Harry, "It smells just like me."

Beside her, Draco Malfoy sniffed a loaf - unlike Pansy, he made it seem natural. He was that good in Potions, it might be second-nature by now. "Sandalwood..." Draco said, tapping his hand on his leg. Was that the scent that Draco used? He did always smell woody, and it definitely wasn't pine.

Suddenly, Draco grinned, and it was a manic thing that didn't reach his eyes. His eyes were tense and angry. So, of course, Harry watched Draco snag Hermione's loaf. "This one's mine."

"You give that back, Malfoy!" Hermione shrieked, ready to do battle to get back her prize.

"Take your own!" Draco responded, throwing his loaf back at her.

"You colossal bigot!" Hermione said, her wand sliding into her hand.

"I can't help it if some of you inferiors are destined to be shorter than I shall be. It's all in the blood, you realize?" Draco Malfoy managed to drawl all of that, but Harry picked up on the deliberate deflection, the misdirection.

As Hermione kept chasing Draco around the room, Harry turned towards Justin, who was eating his loaf. "Which one did you get?"

Justin said plainly, "I got plain."

Harry frowned briefly, "Really?"

Justin snirked, "Yeah, when I got here, Snape asked me which side buttered my bread, and I just smiled at him and said, 'I never butter my bread.' He said back, 'then you'd better be better than the lot of them.'"

Harry's loaf, which was last, turned out to taste like soap. Harry ate it all with a grin on his face.

Snape wouldn't deliberately poison him, would he?

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