Nobody ever asked my birthday

Chapter 176

Somehow, helping a fuming Hermione hide books in the Room of Requirement had turned into sharing Ron's pain at listening to a furious Hermione making timetables and schedules.

Harry Potter had, previous to this point, no bloody idea that it was possible to be rageful whilst scribbling timetables.

They just... seemed so dry.

But, as all good pyromaniacs will tell you, that just meant that they were more combustible. Which, when Hermione Granger was upset, was never a good thing.

Harry pulled himself away from his thoughts to lunge at the current scrap of parchment that was being needlessly endangered by the lightning spluttering from Hermione's frizzy hair.

"Erm. Maybe I could write the schedules, while you do the thinking, Hermione?" Harry asked awkwardly.

It had been over an hour, and Harry's hand was going numb. Hermione hadn't wanted to have everyone in their study group doing the same spell, so she'd split them up by houses (so that people could study with their friends while they weren't there), and Ron was just starting to argue that they shouldn't teach the Slytherins unforgivables. Harry, stretching his cramped hand, failed to see Ron going pale across from him.

So when Severus Snape spoke, in that slithery, feline voice, right above Harry's shoulder, Harry sprang to his feet in surprise, his wand already half out. "Mister Potter" was all that Snape'd said, and Harry was already starting to blush, when Snape drawled, "I wouldn't, if I were you, Mister Potter." Harry let his wand drop to the table with a clatter, "Need I remind you that attacking a Professor is grounds for expulsion?"

Harry, slumping into his seat, looked over his shoulder at Snape, saying gruffly, "No."

"Still no respect for your superiors, I see." Snape drawled, "Are you planning on skiving off from your detention too?"

"No, I am not." Harry grit through his teeth.

"Then follow along, and quickly." Snape said, disappearing towards the front of the library in a swirl of black cloth.

"D' y' suppose he knows that his detention is in a good half hour?" Ron asked.

"Undoubtedly," Hermione growled back, "and it's only fifteen minutes from the library to his office."

Harry's eyes glinted, as he growled, "I told you he was out to get me." before he hurried off, his hurriedly stuffed bag uncomfortable on one of his shoulders. This had to be the first time Harry'd ever been looking forward to a detention. Snape not waiting for the scheduled time meant something was up. Harry'd just not figured out what... yet.

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