Nobody ever asked my birthday

Chapter 87

Ron Weasley was acting weird, Harry thought, looking at him staring off and smiling a goofy smile. That... really wasn't normal. Harry'd almost wonder if it was magic, but he'd been with Ron since last night (and even Ron warded his bed a little). Harry wanted to know what was going on, but he didn't exactly want to ask. He wanted, really wanted, Ron to snap out of it and tell him.

Naturally, Ron was his usual uncooperative self, to the point that Hermione was staring at him pointedly on their way to breakfast, and Ron didn't even notice. Normally, that'd cause a nice shoving match, or something else equally amusing. Not this time, though. Just that slightly-slackjawed grin.

Harry'd been so focused on Ron that he'd nearly forgotten Lavender and the rest of the Gryffs. They were looking at him oddly, as he sat down - and then he saw why. Over at the Slytherin table, Pansy Parkinson - Miss Pug herself - was so entirely busy "Not Staring" at Harry Potter. Well, if one could only say one nice thing about Lavender Brown, it would certainly be that she could pass information like a champion.

Unfortunately, this time, Harry was right in the thick of things. Gryffs were giving him scaly eyes - watchful to see what he'd do with Pansy (as if he'd ever do something like that in the great hall!).The Ravenclaws were mostly oblivious (Luna was waving at him, but she always did that, and with the sunflower in her hand it probably wasn't all that out of the ordinary.), but the Hufflepuffs were pingponging their eyes back and forth, trying to figure out what would happen next.

Harry ate quickly, quicker than ron, which was saying something, and then was out the door, heading off to his class. Etched on a corner of his brain that he wanted to burn, was the expression on Pansy's face as he fled like a coward. It was disgust. Disgust and resentment. Was she upset that he hadn't told her about the nonexistent crush? Or just upset that everyone was staring at her - and wondering if she was going to two-time Draco Malfoy, of all people?

Oh, yeah, yesterday morning he hadn't thought of that little filip at all. But in the plain day, right before Divination, it was plain to see. And, oh, crap, Divination. Perhaps... no, this wasn't going to work. There was little possibility that Trelawney had actually heard the rumor that had been started last evening, but Parvati and Lavender had started the rumor, and so thus they had to know about it. And they would embarrass him with their predictions.

Having eaten quickly, Harry'd arrived early. He stared a moment at the room, trying to find the least noticeable spot. No, that was stupid. Harry Potter sat in the center, knowing that this class was going to be bad. He hated when everyone stared at him. Where was Ron, anyway? Probably still eating.

Ron actually arrived after Lavender and Parvati (Harry didn't mind, he was just glad that the two "wonder pupils" didn't sit on either side of him. The last thing he needed was to listen to them in stereo).

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