Nobody ever asked my birthday

Chapter 298

Harry tried to build up walls, over the course of the day, tried to just be Harry - oblivious kid. It didn't work, the questions still tried to poke through the seams of the box that he'd made. Every so often, even when he wasn't thinking about them, they'd rattle a bit.

Harry nearly skipped dinner - only the though tthat Ron wouldn't let him forget it, and the further knowledge that he had to make an excuse at RoR, or he'd never get peace and quiet. He figured with Hermione there, Malfoy and Ron wouldn't kill each other.

Malfoy's face didn't change when Harry gave his excuse. Hermione looked silently concerned, and Ron just said, "Come back soon, mate." In that offhanded way that he'd had.

Up on the Astronomy Tower, Harry stated to think of Dumbledore. Who, if memory served him right, he'd wanted to strangle dozens of times. But perhaps never more than today. Dumbledore had outright lied to him when he'd asked,"Why does Snape hate me so much?"

And it wasn't even a convincing lie. Hell, Harry today could come up with a better one, "Gryffindor logic chafes his hide." That would have at least been the truth, or at least a shred of it.

Dumbledore didn't need to say that, either, though, he could have just said, "I have no idea," or "you should ask him yourself." Not that Harry doubted an eleven year old Potter wouldn't have been chopped into Potions Ingredients for the sheer chutzpah.

Harry frowned, That seemed deliberate. Why would he care so much about shifting my focus onto my father? Was I really supposed to idolize him just as much as Malfoy idolized his da? Here I thought Dumbledore didn't want me spoiled.

Harry clenched his fists, feeling the power of crimson rage pulse through his body. He wanted to yel at Dumbledore, to ask him why he couldn't just answer a simple question without lying. The echo of that statement caught him offguard, because he'd often accused Snape of doing the same thing.

Dumbledore had lied to him. Harry hadn't thought he'd do that. Of course, he'd also told Harry - and seemingly everyone - about the prophecy. That seemed unintentional, but it almost seemed worse.

At least Snape regretted Harry's stay at the Dursleys," Harry thought with fire leaping into his eyes. Dumbledore thought it was a good thing. Keep me humble. Yeah, keep me on my knees, my lips to the dirt. Even moreso when I'm back at Hogwarts, only then it's not cowardice, it's sheer happiness.

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