Nobody ever asked my birthday

Into the depths


Warm wet mouth all around. The fetid stink of decay.

Harry panicked, his hands and arms flailing, his legs kicking wildly.

He might have screamed, too. Not for help - in true and total terror.

And then he felt himself start to slide backwards.


Something pushed on the top of his butt.

Harry slid through a tight, wet tube, landing with a splash in water that stank.

And itched.

His native sense of orientation told him that he was close to the ground.

He stuck his arms out, scrambling to get his feet under him, squatting in the watery mire.

He surged upward. But before he'd properly stood, the frog creature's webbed paws shoved him downwards again.

He landed awkwardly in a squat, his butt brushing his heels.

Out. Out now! Harry thought, his hands grabbing and pushing, punching at the stomachwall in front of him.

It stretched, giving under his assault.

And, around him, the stench intensified.

It's not working! Harry thought, trying to stand again - halfway up, his head hit the - top of the stomach?

It's shrinking around me! Harry thought, the white-thrill of panic threatening to overwhelm him again. What do I do?

Be quiet, save your strength, some part of him whispered. What good did panic do anyway?

Maybe... maybe someone would hear him? Harry thought. I don't want to die like this...

"Help! Please, someone, anyone, I'm trapped, I can't get out..." Harry pleaded into the stench of this frog-creature's previous meals.

At least there weren't any bones in here, Harry thought, before wincing. They might never know what had happened to me...

The frog pawed at the bulge Harry made in its grumbling belly.

Harry punched outward, frightened and very alone.

The paws that carefully closed around him, rubbing his body, proved that he wasn't alone at all.

And that there was someone very eager for him to join... to become one with the frog.

Oh, god, I'm going to die in here! Harry summoned energy he didn't know he had, kicking and screaming.

Harry heard the frog belch - expelling air from it's stomach. I don't have long, do I? How long now... until...

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