Nobody ever asked my birthday

Chapter 287

Apparently the Hufflepuffs and Ravenclaws had had quite enough of the focus of the room being on the other two houses, as they struck up a spirited debate. Glamours, Polyjuice, even notice-me-not spells were mentioned. Not to mention Ernie had dredged up ideas about artifacts, goblin-made or otherwise. Snape let the shouting match, happy-go-lucky though it was, continue for a spate of time.

Eventually, however, he had had enough, "Who?" He asked, his harsh tone cutting through the din.

The Ravenclaws and Hufflepuffs looked at each other. Susan Bones shrugged, and posited, "Professor McGonagall with Human Transfiguration."

"If only I was so predictable," Snape said in a sarcastic drawl.

Slowly, Hermione Granger's hand rose, from her position on the floor, with a quill and a Punnet Square. "The other Defense Professor. She's the only one with a free period."

"Very good, 5 points to Hufflepuff." Severus Snape said, and before anyone except Ron Weasley's jaw could drop, Professor Tonks began to change, turning into her normal form - with black and yellow striped hair.

Harry Potter started to swear, but he kept it from reaching his lips. How had she managed to do that, in the middle of class - undetected, switch out for Hermione, of all people. At least he'd been right to look around. Probably a disillusionment spell, he thought with some chagrin.

"Since you were all focused on your classmates, I could afford a bit of dissonance between spells cast and motions of the practice dummy," Snape said smugly. "Your assignment, should it not be obvious, is to record as many interesting bits of information about yourself, as others don't know. Write a few lists - one that only your best friend should know - at least 25 on there. Write at least ten that your house knows, and others do not. And Three that could be used by whichever side of the war you happen to be on."

Harry's eyes had quickly left Snape's, and were looking at everyone else. Surprisingly, people seemed okay with the assignment - even the Slytherins, who loved keeping secrets. Of course, Harry thought, it helped that they thought he was on their side.

Hannah Abbot spoke up, "Then what was the point of the specific spells and techniques demonstrated, sir?"

Snape smirked, and said simply, "Not one of those I selected passed the assignment. As shown before the class, this is what you should aspire to. It is quite one thing for me to demonstrate a curse. Another when you see your own skin, flesh and bone executing it perfectly."

Snape had made Harry look like a perfect idiot. Harry's hands had curled into fists, and he nearly stormed out of the classroom as Snape dismissed the class. Unbeknownst to him, Snape's black eyes followed him, with just a trace of a frown.

[a/n: Leave Harry to his delusions. Snape, as stated, is on every student's side, until the end of the term.

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