Nobody ever asked my birthday

Chapter 328

Harry was dressed and ready, earlier than usual. He shook the rest of his roommates awake, and they tumbled out of bed, looking rumpled or dog-tired AND frazzled.

"Wha-?" Ron managed.

Neville, always a little more clearheaded in the mornings, asked, "What's wrong?"

Harry stood, like a drill sergeant, "Malfoy says Snape's turning the screws on this Defense Club of ours."

"And you believe him?" Dean, of all people, asked. Harry hadn't been expecting that. Dean was quieter than Seamus, and Neville was more inclined to doubt Malfoy in particular. Had more reason too.

"I do. He didn't need to give me the heads up."

"Why you?" Neville and Ron asked at once - Ron looking strategically, and Neville just honestly confused.

Seamus, being Seamus, asked, "I figure it's because they're necking..."

Harry grabbed a pillow off the nearest bed, and flung it at Seamus. Then a second, and then the bedsheets and blankets at once, until Seamus was entirely buried under them, and flailing to get out. "Just no," Harry said, firmly.

"Ideas, spit em out." Harry said, trying to act like he knew what he was doing. In reality he was just aping various Military Movies Uncle Vernon and Dudley liked to watch.

Either way, it seemed to work.

"Malfoy's got the prefect level and higher students..." Neville started.

"And we've got third years in the mix," Ron said, 'That should be our first priority. Finding ways to keep them out of trouble."

Harry asked, "How about we all keep out of trouble."

"Twenty Gryffindors stay out of trouble?" Seamus asked, with a guffaw. "Not likely!"

"Let's see about spreading the word, and coming up with what ideas we can." Harry said.

Neville quietly asked, "Why aren't you asking Hermione."

And that, that was a good question. Not that Harry had an answer, but one fell into his head as he starte d to think. Handy, that. "If I asked Hermione, we'd get one solution. I want all the solutions, so let me tell Hermione, okay?"

Neville nodded.

Ron asked, "You don't think her solution will be better than the rest of ours put together?"

Harry smiled briefly, "Yes, and no. She'd find a comprehensive solution. But that's just what I don't want. I want us all thinking, planning, coming up with new ways of solving this problem. Because relying on any one person is very, very dangerous." Harry knew that all too well, as the supposed Chosen One. Abruptly, he steered his thoughts away from there.

"Let's go, but remember, you've got till Monday. Plenty of time to barnstorm up some ideas." Harry said, and without waiting for anyone else, plummeted down the staircase, letting the pounding of his feet tell people to get out of his way, as he more fell than ran, just using his feet to steer. It was nearly as good as flying.

[a/n: Yes, I'm aware that barnstorming is an American concept. Uncle Vernon hates magic, not American cinema. Leave a review?]