Nobody ever asked my birthday

Late to the Party

They worked, and Harry decorated as his whims decreed. He'd managed to make a decent Gryffindor tree, and the Ravenclaw one was easy, but the House of Badgers meant that their house animal kept on trying to bury itself under the tree. Harry wasn't going to be able to fix that, not without help.

And there was Malfoy, looking superior and smug. As he wasn't actually laughing, there wasn't much Harry could do about it.

The Snakes were easy, silvery things like patronuses, sparkly to boot, and the green of the tree offset them nicely. Harry wanted to add a bit of red venom dripping from fangs, but reluctantly concluded that would send some second year to test out the venom on some first year's frog. Also, it was a bit morbid.

The other two trees were still standing there, barren as ever, by the time he was done. Jake's ornaments had flown up to various parts of the Great Hall... and no one had done the bloody mistletoe.

"Time's up," Draco Malfoy said, and Jake gave a bow and left.

Leaving Harry standing there, with the knowledge that Malfoy was going to have to do the rest of this himself. "I owe you an apology."

"Then apologize." Draco Malfoy shot back, in a laconic voice that belied the flash of lightning in his eyes.

"How would you like your apology, gentle sir?" Harry said, with a cock-eyed grin.

"Humbly. and with a side of a favor, to be called in later."

"I apologize for making you look the fool, and I apologize again for not consulting you on the plan."

Draco Malfoy blinked, "That's the first time you've ever apologized to me."

"First time I've ever had cause to, really." Harry said, shoving his hands in his pockets. "How many detentions more did you say you had?"

"Four." Draco Malfoy said, "Three now, since I've as good as served one already."

Harry nodded, grinned, and shot off like a bat out of hell. With the way his robes flapped, it was an apt comparison.

Up Up Up, to Gryffindor Tower!

Well, it wasn't the Heaviside layer, although it had certainly seemed that way his first year. Now he wasn't even winded, and he took some genuine pride at that.

Harry burst into the first floor, hoping to find someone who wasn't busy.

The place was empty.

To the library, then! Harry thought, turning around and skidding down the stairs. With luck, Hermione!

Luck wasn't on his side, but Harry did find Luna, who looked up at him with a knowing smile, "How would you like to help with some mistletoe?" Harry asked in one long breath.

"I'd love to," Luna said, "Lead the way."

Draco Malfoy's face was equal parts nothing and everything. It was hilarious, in a way that you wouldn't laugh about.

Wrinkling her nose at Draco, she said simply, "I wish you'd invited me earlier." Luna walked into the Great Hall, and said, "Harry mentioned mistletoe?" Somehow, she'd come with a ceremonial curved knife, even.

Draco Malfoy mouthed, how? at Potter, and then started to instruct Luna, who midway through said, "I think I can just talk with them."

Harry had wanted to create a few pranks with Hermione.

Luna was just off-kilter enough that her enchantment would be a prank in of itself.

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