Nobody ever asked my birthday

Chapter 102

Explaining it all to Neville took only a handful of carefully chosen words. As Harry climbed out of Neville's bed, his mind echoed with a sparkly, grim thought* - Hermione was going to be insufferable when she realized that the Order had used her spell. Unless she'd helped them cast it... Harry shook his head - that note definitely didn't seem like her style.

Ron was actually looking at Harry for a chance, so Harry cheerfully told his own hunger to stuff a sock in it, and looked at his friend, "What is it, Ron, you haven't been yourself in days."

His eyes still looked distant, as he broke out again in that goofy, dazzled grin, "Lavender Brown =- can you believe Lavender likes me?"

As a matter of fact, I can. She's not the swiftest knife in the drawer, that's for sure. Harry gave his friend a wide grin, nodding. "Oh, I've known that for years..." Harry said. I may not be much for paying attention to the entire bloody school, but I do know a thing or two about most Gryffindors.

Ron gave a wistful sigh through that distant grin.

Harry looked over at his friend again, asking, "Is that what's been turning you into a space cadet?"

"A what?" Ron said, and Harry immediately missed Hermione.

"A muggle at Hogwarts?" Harry responded.

"Oh! Yeah, kinda, I guess..." Ron scratched at the back of his neck, looking a bit awkward.

"so..." Harry said, "What are you gonna do about it?"

Ron looked at him, a brief flash of panic running through his eyes, "I have no idea..."

*picture sparkly slag heap - pretty, grim dour. All together!

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