Nobody ever asked my birthday

Chapter 132

"Alright, anyone needs more practice with the Patronus charm, come with me." Hannah said, with a firmness in her voice that it generally lacked. Most of the Slytherins strode along with her, as she paced towards a boxlike room, perfect for practicing defense. Harry followed most of the Slytherins, glad that no one was looking back towards him. He was even more glad that Hermione and Ron weren't here - in fact, there wasn't a single Gryffindor, and the two younger Hufflepuffs were looking strangely sure of themselves.

"Has anyone managed a corporeal patronus?" Hannah asked, and Harry raised his hand, along with a single Ravenclaw and the Hufflepuffs. "Not to worry, if you can conjure anything at all, you'll get it in time."

"For now, let's see how you've done." Hannah said, starting to cast herself. Her Patronus leapt into the air, a swan in flight - and Harry remembered exactly how mean the swans could be, ducking gently out of the way when it seemed like it might try going through him.

Harry concentrated, himself, finding the memory of lunging for the snitch, of it floating just out of reach... right on top of Malfoy's head. "Expecto Patronum," He whispered, and saw the shimmering silver curtain- a half cast spell fit for the half-happy memory. Harry wondered if he put just a bit more happiness into it, what form the Patronus would take. Probably something avian, he thought to himself.

Harry's example got the Slytherins working, and he saw Pansy Parkinson casting the charm, nearly shrieking it in that ear-grating tone she had when she was furious at something. And yet, despite sounding more furious than happy, there was a glittering cloud of silver.

Goyle was next, his casting slow and calm - running like golden syrup, smooth and ... somehow elegantly solid. Like the grace of a plough horse stepping out, as if it was pulling a beer truck.

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