Nobody ever asked my birthday

Chapter 306

Harry Potter knew something was up, as he headed down into the Common Room. Neville was there, as was Ron, and Hermione and Seamus - and Ginny. They were looking at him like they expected him.

"Sit down, Harry," Neville asked. No, demanded. And, this being Neville, he never demanded a damn thing out of anyone.

Harry sat.

"Harry, we just wanted to let you know it's okay to like boys." Neville said, looking perfectly serious.

Ron spoke up next, "Yeah, mate, you don't need to pretend."

Hermione, wringing her hands, blurted out, "It's not like the Muggle world at all! It's actually mostly accepted here."

Harry's mouth had dropped open somewhere during this, and - shocked, he blurted out, "I'm not gay." These were his friends, his... family. Did they really think he'd been hiding something that important? Lying to everyone? Lil' Harry who couldn't tell a lie without it being fucking transparent?

At which point the entire room started laughing. "Of course we know that, mate," Neville said, with a broad shit-eating grin on his face. "Just takin' the Mickey out on ya."

And with that, Harry could breathe again.

Harry spent most of the day in the library. Or rather, he would've, if he hadn't been mobbed by girls... and boys. Mostly younger than him, which didn't help his temper. He couldn't shout at them... not in the library. So he'd found himself in an abandoned classroom on the eighth floor (where Hogwarts was notorious about changing things around, he hoped he'd be able to get out cleanly), reading about Potions. Reading a lot about Potions, because this time he wasn't mooching off Hermione, and he finally had time to just ... follow the threads. Hermione always had the threads all tied up already, which made it easy to copy, but hard to understand. Because you had to know the Arithmantic and Runic significance of bubotuber pus to really get why you needed to add it after the jujuber beetles.

As Harry finished his Potions homework, he rather abruptly realized that he'd forgotten to do Snape's other homework. Truths, ones that his best friends knew. Harry wrote them, not lying a whit, and discovering as he wrote them, that Snape really knew more about Harry's life than he thought the poor bastard did. Snape, after all, had caught them after the Flying Car incident. Had been there when Harry met Sirius for the first time... Harry wrote, and wrote, discovering that fifty things that his friends knew about him was a rather quick thing to write.

Having Snape for multiple classes was turning out to be a beast.

As Harry Potter sat down to Dinner, Ron, his mouth still full, asked Harry, "Mrm bou Quiddich?"

Harry looked over and said, "Beg pardon?"

Ron swallowed and said, "When are you holding Quiddich practice?"

Harry rather abruptly remembered that he'd gotten the Quiddich captain's badge before the start of the year. "I'm not. Suppose I'd better go turn the badge in."

Ron stood up, leaning with his full height over Harry, "You can't quit Quddich? How will we win?"

Harry smirked, "Ginny Weasley's a fine Seeker. You just have to ask."

Ginny spoke up, "Thank you, Harry!"

Harry wasn't at all surprised to find Draco Malfoy watching, keenly. The Slytherin captain had, seemingly, less on his mind than Harry.

[a/n: Bets on whether Draco plays? Quiddich storyline will be going on for a while, I suspect. I meant to have Harry saying something to Hermione about the kiss, but... Neville said that he was allowed to have some fun (he was ringleading the intervention).

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