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Too much

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Harry hadn't even thought to put on his invisibility cloak, that was how disturbed he was by the twins being there a day early.

What else could go wrong? He thought in aggravation.

At least anyone looking at this from the castle proper would just conclude he was going to Hagrid's. Had Hagrid ever invited him for supper?

Maybe Ron would smuggle him out some food?

Probably not.

Hermione though... good, dependable Hermione...

Harry stood at the edge of the now denuded pumpkin patch, and looked around for The Twins. Nothing, until he felt two familiar hands on his two shoulders.

He nearly screamed.

"You didn't think we'd"

"Come here without being a"

"little secret about it?"

"Of course not," Harry said, "I just... didn't expect you to... touch me like that." Harry's face burned as he reviewed what he just said.

"And why wouldn't we?"

"When we're your"

"Secret weapon."

Harry couldn't help but grin at this. "Thank you so much for your help!"

"Anything for a chance -"

"-to prank Snape!"

Harry nodded back.

"Speaking of, your plan made it sound"

"Like you only wanted one of us..."

"We're twins"

"It's a package deal."

Harry's mouth dropped, "But. My cloak, it'll only fit one of you..." If that, Harry privately thought. They were long and lanky Weasleys.

"Figure it out"

"Marauder Junior."

Harry nodded, more absentmindedly, at the twins.

"You can wear the cloak over the top of both of you," Harry said, thinking as he talked, "But that still leaves your legs outside."

"Just need to cover them up, then, right?" One of the twins said, temporarily forgetting that finishing each other's sentences was the best way to confuse people as to which was who.

"Snape knows a dozen detection spells," Harry thought, considering, and then added, "At least."

The twins were smirking at him, delight in their eyes at watching him work.

"but most detection spells look for the heart or the mind." Harry said, "There's very few that will detect a set of legs."

"Better make sure no sharp-eyed Slytherin can just spot us."

"You know, with his eyes."

Harry nodded, "Camoflage! It's what the Muggles use." Harry whirled towards the twins, grinning, "Can you get me two pairs of pants? I'll do them up overnight."

The twins scrambled into Hagrid's hut, pulling out two duffels, and tossing Harry a pair each. "Thanks!" Harry said, "Now I just need to figure out how to get you into the class." Harry nodded, already thinking, taking three steps away, before he whirled back, "Don't let anyone see you."

"Who do you take us for?"


"We're professionals!" the twins disappeared in front of his eyes, with a wink apiece. It was much more comforting than it probably should have been.

It took until Harry was halfway back to the castle before he started to wonder if Hagrid knew he had houseguests.

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