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Places Please

Harry was at the Room early. 8am sharp. The meeting was at 1pm, a truly odd time for something important. It wasn't the evening, and it wasn't break of day. Probably Dumbledore's idea. He's always so busy... But maybe it was Sirius or Snape - Sirius because it was his house, and Snape because nobody can stand him before noon, anyhow. I wonder if he's actually more genial towards students? Maybe, if you take into account the Order having his mortal enemy-ies in it. Remus and Sirius can't have done his temper much good, even if Remus knows how to hold his tongue.

He walked inside - the room was odd, kind of grey and formless. A nameless distance away, there was a door. Harry went to it, and entered, standing in a small place (no bigger than my cupboard at home) and closed the door. As he did, he could almost feel the edges of the door disappearing. At least he still held onto the handle, or this might have been a dangerous place to get back from.

Harry, rather belatedly, pictured Ron and Hermione searching the entire castle for him, and then telling Prof. McGonagall, who would charge through the entire castle, a battleaxe in flight, trying to find her lost lioncub. And, because Harry was stuck in here, it wouldn't work. This was probably the last place anyone would think to look for him. Well, perhaps excepting Snape and Malfoy. Malfoy, because he'd been the one to show Harry how this worked, and bugger it all if the bloke didn't like peace and quiet a lot of the time. You'd never catch him in the library - he ghosted through there, walking up to get a book and leaving as quickly as could. Harry only really knew about it, because Harry walked the castle when he wanted to think. Malfoy liked high places, tiny little perches in half a dozen towers. Not generally the Astronomy Tower, but most of the others. You could tell when he'd been at the North Tower, because he'd have the faint whiff of Trelawney about him. And Snape? Snape seemed the type to sulk, to want lack of perception to aid him in disciplining his own mind. Malfoy had mentioned a time when Snape had been out of control. Seriously, out of control.

It was actually slightly bothersome, to think that all those times Harry had been terrified for his life - or worse, expulsion, that Snape had been entirely under control. Maybe that was why Dumbledore hadn't seemed to take him seriously? No, that doesn't seem right.

Snape strode in first, at a quarter to twelve - he looked double-wrapped, like he had two sets of robes on; it was almost, but not quite, enough to mask how thin he still wasl. "Melody," He said, and a house elf appeared. "Potato Leek soup, and some warm sourdough." Leave it to Snape to like even his bread sour.

Snape ate quickly, and Harry tried not to stare too obviously at his hands shaking. Was that nerve damage? Harry wondered, nonetheless.

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