Nobody ever asked my birthday

Chapter 201

The end of training left them all sweaty, half laughing, half exhaustedly slumped. "Butterbeer!" Ron called, and it appeared.

For a moment, Malfoy and Hermione stopped and stared at it, while Harry grabbed a flagon and started to drink.

"It's not real. It can't be..." They both whispered, and then their eyes met, startled, to hear their words coming out of someone else's mouth.

"Don't care," Harry Potter said, with a broad grin, "It tastes right."

With a shrug, Hermione picked up a stein, and said, "Fortune favor the foolish!" Her grin was wide, and the two laggard boys lept to keep up.

"More!" Ron said, and more appeared - as everyone'd drained their steins.

Harry thought of the time, and saw a window appear, showing the light fading. Shite, I was supposed to meet with Snape . Harry quaffed the last of his butterbeer, and then stood, saying, "I gotta run."

"Got some hot closet action going on?" Malfoy said, in that knife-in-your-side manner he had. For him, it was almost affectionate, Harry supposed.

"Not exactly." Harry said, "As if I could keep a secret like that - the entire school'd know within a week!" Harry laughed, though no one else did.

"Well, for once, I just might not tell them," Malfoy said with a smirk that was so familiar Harry briefly wanted to punch it.

"Wouldn't matter. Never matters, really." Harry said, and with that realization, had managed to ... if not forgive Malfoy, to forget about a lot of things he'd been holding against him for really no reason. With that, he slipped out the door, leaving everyone else still basking in the post-duel glow.

[a/n: Because I can't just do one scene a day. And Harry's got a lot going on.

Malfoy's just being Malfoy. Appearances matter to him.

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Oh, and to the wonderful guest reviewer who thought that Pansy/Harry might happen? If so, they've rather neglected to tell me. Which doesn't mean it won't happen, just that Pansy's actively not looking for boys at the moment. (which, um, won't stop her from hanging off Malfoy's arm, but that's politics). But, hell, this story was supposed to be quick, sweet, and then it kinda got away from me. So you never know... OTOH, AFAIK, Potter's nursing rather more of a crush on Granger than he's admitting to himself...]