Nobody ever asked my birthday

Chapter 236

At the Slytherin Table, Draco Malfoy had just received a most irritating letter. His mother had responded, but she'd actually told him that her response was for Potter's Eyes Only. That was a figleaf, as well Draco knew - any Slytherin could tell a lot by what someone looked like as they read an important letter. But it also bespoke other things - her intent to cultivate a cordial relationship with Harry Potter, perhaps. And perhaps a desire to tweak her son's nose about asking such an impertinent question. Receiving a response at all meant that she at least peripherally approved of what he was doing (though how she could disapprove, Malfoy didn't contemplate).

Still, Draco Malfoy watched the Gryffindor Table with a studied wariness. It was nearly the end of breakfast, and he hadn't seen Potter. Or Granger. This was, as they might say, not altogether unexpected. What was unexpected was not seeing Ron Weasley. In fact, Draco Malfoy hadn't seen Dumbledore up at the head table either (Snape was missing, but was probably brewing - and Trelawney never showed up to breakfast*).

Draco Malfoy thought it was more than passing strange that Ron Weasley hadn't shown up for breakfast. If he knew of some way to find them... where did they usually hang out?

Was it quiddich trials? Draco Malfoy was moving as breakfast ended, his restlessness passing into his feet as he strode calmly but quickly through Hogwarts halls. Not at the Quiddich pitch. Not in the library. Eventually, even not in the kitchen (draco snagged a cornish pastie). Draco found himself at the 7th floor, at the Room - and found it closed.

Bingo. Draco draped himself on the wall nearby, looking like he was lounging and not intensely surveiling a location. With a frown, he realized that he didn't look nearly so elegant in this skin. Oh, well, difficult times call for difficult measures.

*McGonagall, more of a generally morning person, showed up before the meeting.

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This was supposed to show up in Harry's view first, but, eh? Draco butted his head in. He does that.]