Nobody ever asked my birthday


It tried to eat me! Harry thought, half disgusted, half upset.

Harry felt his body lurch upwards - in the same motion, the vise around his legs and back loosened - and Harry slid deeper into the mouth. Heading in.

He felt the clamp of those lips on his armpits and nearly to his knees.

Harry squirmed; he clutched at the bony-hard lips, and kicked wildly with both his legs.

Gotta get loose!

Harry was ready, this time, when he experienced that vertigo-inducing shift. He expected to feel the vise loosen.

He used his legs to brace himself, thrusting upward with his hips.

What Harry wasn't expecting was a webbed paw to his groin, shoving him deeper inside the creature's mouth.

The vise closed again, with Harry deeper - and the paw withdrawing.

Harry could hear another rumble - like a swampy earthquake, smelling of dead and decaying flesh.

Wait for it, Wait for it, Harry thought, his entire being focused on his need to escape.

He felt the lips loosen their hold on him - Harry burst into action, his arms trying to pull himself out of the spit-slickened mouth.

A webbed paw came into view, carelessly and easily swiping Harry's left arm into its mouth.

When it clamped down again, the creature's mouth was on Harry's left shoulder.

I have to get free!

Harry banged his fist on the inside of the creature's mouth, aiming for anyplace soft that he might damage.

It didn't help. Nothing helped.

The creature threw its head up in the air, and Harry slid backwards, despite himself. He didn't have enough purchase to pull himself bodily out of the mouth, and the creature's webbed paw stuffed his right arm into its mouth.

Harry screamed, enraged and fearful.

Inside the mouth, his hands beat a tattoo on the roof of the creature's mouth

I need to pull myself out...

Harry stilled, waiting in suspense.

And then the creature threw its head upwards, Harry got his fingertips out - but the creature's head was impossibly past vertical, and Harry's legs couldn't keep their purchase.

Butt-first, Harry slid towards the back of the creature's mouth - towards its throat.

Harry's last view, a vanishing slit of murky mangrove leaves and dismal sky.

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