Nobody ever asked my birthday

Harry, WAKE UP!

Harry Potter was about to discover that he should have done many things over the past three days that he hadn't done.

It is a sad yet timeless truth that poor oblivious souls need dire shocks to return them to rapt attention.

So it was with the young Potter, today.

Harry Potter had been so busy thinking that he'd just kept walking, not only skipping dinner, but somehow walking up until he'd managed to walk down, continuing until he'd wound up deep in the guts of the Slytherin dungeons, which somehow always seemed danker and gloomier than the Hufflepuff ones. He'd have to ask how that worked, it seemed like a useful affect. If you wanted people crept out, that is.

Harry Potter was rudely yanked from his daydreaming by a shrill shriek. That is to say, Ginny Weasley, launching herself at full tilt into Draco Malfoy's (quite surprised, yet still gallant) arms, and thence to smooching him, in a sort of full-body tackle sort of way, though Draco'd kept his feet. Oddly enough, Malfoy's face seemed to cheer up, when Ginny whispered in his ear.

However, this was not to be borne by one Pansy Parkinson, who responded with a warcry of her own - her ravenblack tresses streaming behind as she bolted towards the inappropriate, or possibly unacceptable couple. Responding as if she had eyes in the back of her head, Ginny leapt off (presumably to protect Malfoy, who hadn't been manufacturing a fight, for once).

Harry was so busy watching them fight - with slaps and heels of the hand, and grabbing of hair, no punches necessary, that he almost missed them heading out of the dungeons.

"I got this," Harry hollered - and that was odd, as there weren't any Gryffindors about to hear.

Draco Malfoy, once Harry's footsteps had faded, smirked, slow as molasses.

The game's afoot.

[a/n: Slytherins like Games. Draco thinks he's playing a game with Harry of his own devising, when it was really machineered by Snape. Reviews as always welcome. Have you figured out what was going on? ]