Nobody ever asked my birthday

Chapter 190

Just as Harry Potter was about to leave the breakfast table, an owl swooped down. Perhaps it wanted to wait for its fellows, but since Harry was leaving... Absently, Harry pocketed the parchment and turned to the owl, feeding it a delectable bit of meat. He opened the missive, and his face split into a broad grin.

It was from the Twins!

Couched as it was in daily gossip and good cheer, Harry could see it for what it was - a financial statement. Exactly what a responsible businessman would send an investor. Of course, the Twins, being the twins, had so much other stuff sandwiched into the ten page long letter that even if Ron and Ginny read it thoroughly, they'd never figure out what was going on.

And it would take even Hermione some time.

Harry didn't want to read this at the table though, so he bounced up - but did not leave before looking at the rest of the hall. Draco Malfoy - and Severus Snape - were both eyeing him curiously. Harry took a split second to consider acting his age, before deciding that neither person could gather anything terribly important from "Harry has a letter that has made him happy."

Besides! The letter felt like it was burning a hole in his pocket.

Harry had found the perfect place to read - it was a bay window that made him feel as if he was flying, with a 270 degree view, as he sat there and opened the letter. Let Hermione keep her library. Harry rather preferred his dimly lit window.

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