Nobody ever asked my birthday

Chapter 145

Harry was actually relieved when Hermione started up the next fragmentary conversation. He really, really didn't have much to talk about with Draco Malfoy after all. I mean, really, what was there to say? They were rival Seekers, true, but that didn't lead to bright shiny conversation where they'd exchange tips or something.

So, all in all, it was a good thing when Hermione started to talk with Malfoy about Feoh and fecundity. Even if the actual contents of the conversation made Harry Potter (who, after all, wasn't actually taking Ancient Runes) want to blush beet red.

"Wow, if I'd have known that Ancient Runes was all about... cups and wands, I might have considered taking it." Harry Potter said, his ears still red-tipped from the blushing.

"Boys!" Hermione said, crossing her arms indignantly, "If there's one thing they think about!"

"Hey! I'm insulted by that." Malfoy cut in, managing to sound even more crotchety than Hermione, which Harry thought meant that he was probably puttng it on a bit thick intentionally. "I'll have you know that i'm perfectly capable of thinking of four or five things, they just happen to be all carnally pleasurable."

Harry Potter abruptly wanted to crawl into a hole somewhere. Preferably dragging one of the two participants in there with him.

"As ever delightful as this tea party has been, Hermione, don't you have some books to return to the library?" Harry put in.

Hermione looked at him. Blinked. Chanced a glance at Malfoy. Blinked again. Looked back at Harry, nodded slowly. "Of course. Babbling's treatise on Lindenhome's runic slang..." Hermione said, standing up and gathering her books by hand rather than asking the room to.

"Take care." Hermione said as she left, and Harry heard the subtext - be wary. It was good advice, even if Harry wanted to say he didn't need it.

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