Nobody ever asked my birthday

Early Birds tend to squirm

Harry woke the next morning with a rather inconvenient urgency. He wanted to give Snape his present, now. That was just not happening. Snape, yes, was awake, but trying to unmask Snape was dicey even under the best of circumstances. Revealing Snape while at the base of Hogwarts Castle? That was lunacy of the highest order. What if someone saw them?!*

Snape was also not an early bird (That had actually helped during training, as Harry had time to work through the spells before Snape started getting truly vicious.) - he was unlikely to take any interruptions before Class Started as anything other than Worth Slamming Doors In Your Face.

Oh, sure, Harry knew that Snape wouldn't have heard about the gifts. His Slytherins were close-mouthed in the first place, and they'd have been triply so about banned Muggle Goods in the Slytherin Dungeon.


The Surprise!

Harry had a picture of Snape, and it kept changing - of course. He couldn't quite get in his mind what Snape's reaction to a gift from Harry Potter would be. Rage? Interest? Curiosity? Disbelief? His picture of Snape's reaction kept changing.

Classes went quickly that day, Harry only managing to pull his attention away from Snape for the Charms and Tranfiguration classes. Herbology was a lost cause, and Ron had to rescue Harry's fingers from the pitcher plant more than once. If only it would stop pitching around!

Harry resisted the urge to read through lunch and dinner - he didn't want anyone thinking he was turning into Hermione.

*Snape does have plans for this, of course. He would not like to have to use them though.

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