Nobody ever asked my birthday

Chapter 242

When had it gotten so dark? It was actually just dusk, but considering Harry Potter had left the building at before noon, he was rather surprised at the state of time. And also surprised he hadn't gotten splinters from thrashing about so much. Or blisters - he'd always gotten blisters at the Dursley's before, when he'd been given a shovel and told to plant the roses. Again. Aunt Petunia had a talent for adding so much fertilizer that they wouldn't bloom, and then of course, despite the fact that the plants were perfectly healthy (perhaps a bit too much so), she had to have new ones. Now.

So, Harry Potter was walking back inside, stomach growling. Oddly enough, Ron was waiting for him - in a place where he could easily scan not just the entranceway, but also paths to most parts of Hogwarts.

"Where've you been?" Ron Weasley asked, "You almost missed supper!"

"Race you to it!" Harry Potter said with a laugh, running through the halls with gay abandon. Ron, as usual, concluded that everything had to be fine if Harry wanted to eat (which, come to think of it, was generally true. Harry got the nerves and anxiety when he was upset, and he'd have found it odd that he wasn't off his food if he wasn't so hungry).

By the time they were sitting in the Great Hall, it was almost after supper - they spooned as much food as they could onto their plates while eating at the same time.

Neither of them noticed the silent regard of Slytherins - they were too busy eating and piling on more to eat to notice anything above the levels of their plates.


Draco Malfoy had been starting to wonder about what exactly had happened to Potter, when he hadn't shown up to midday dinner. Probably out playing Quiddich, was his conclusion. Wait, had they had tryouts yet? For whatever reason, Quiddich seemed later this year. Did Potter still think he was banned?

By the time dinner rolled around, Draco Malfoy was actually less worried, because the Weasel and the Granger were also missing. Probably working in the library and forgot to procure refreshment.

A slight frown materialized on his face when Potty and the Weasel showed up, and Granger didn't. As he stood up to leave, he pocketed two chocolate pasties. Good enough for a jape, he supposed.

[a/n: Yes, Draco's aware enough about Ron's propensity to stick to Harry like glue, that he's not going to try to slip between.

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... yes, Ron's forgot to mention that Hermione was also looking for Harry. He'll remember shortly before end of supper, I promise!]