Nobody ever asked my birthday

Chapter 188

There might have been a more tense DA meeting, Harry thought, but Harry couldn't remember it, if so.

Everyone knew about Hermione Granger and her... enthusiasm for projects.

Seeing her here, enthusiastic, wouldn't have been a problem, Harry thought - had she done it the first day. However, she hadn't, and that had allowed everyone to relax.

Now, they could feel her thrumming with the need for attention, her hair sparking blue sparks every so often.

Harry wasn't tense because of that, in some part because he knew the reason, and in a larger part because Hermione would never hurt him unless she felt like he REALLY deserved it. Snape should step wary, as Hermione was not above disciplining teachers too.

No, Harry was tense because he'd seen through what Snape was doing. Not that it was a problem that he knew (he was rather enjoying knowing something for once, and didn't feel compelled to tell even Ron, who might have laughed himself silly or gone off to hex Snape and got expelleed). But, here, there were Slytherins. Even Draco Malfoy arriving at the last moment (somehow looking better when his hair was tossled slightly. Harry was ever so jealous). Someone might notice, and, worse, might tell Snape. Or everyone.

So Harry stood, taut, near Hermione but not flanking her, not supporting her, really - she didn't need it, and especially not when she was in this sort of bad mood. He scanned faces, half-relieved to see a few of the duller Slytherins looking troubled at Snape just leaving the books there. But the Smarter Sltyerins? by and large, their eyes just leamed with greed.

Ah, greed, that clouds man's eyes and dulls his reason.

Hermione, being Hermione, had three spells that she wanted everyone to know, and know immediately. She had Luna - and, oddly enough, Draco Malfoy, assisting. Draco Malfoy seemed to have more or less invited himself up to help, rather than Hermione asking (as he apparently already knew the spell dead to rights). Harry could tell from the stiff near-frown that Hermione's face had. Draco Malfoy, rather than sneering, seemed to simply be focusing on teaching the students.

With a mental shake, Harry joined Hermione's group. She was explaining a loudspeaker charm, or something like that. It was all about the ears, at any rate. And, since it was technically cast on oneself, it gave one the advantage in a fight, when everyone was expecting to shield.

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