Nobody ever asked my birthday

Chapter 191

Harry skimmed through multiple multi-page descriptions of customers, learning that business had been good, if not booming, and that they were going to try and find a few more items to wind up on Filch's list of Banned Items At Hogwarts. Apparently, the quicker something got banned, the better it sold. Inside Hogwarts and out. Harry figured the Ravenclaws must have been having fun disassembling these trinkets, as there hadn't been a massive outbreak of purple spotted acne.

Two-thirds of the way through, Harry found something.. interesting. Not that the latest list of the Twins pranks (some carried out on other purveyors of fine merchandice, even -) weren't interesting. But this? The twins began to describe a series of letters - and if Harry was reading the elipsis correctly, they were unsigned letters. Suggestions, ideas. Pointers, even. The twins, understandably, were suspicious of such an odd method of delivery, but eventually decided to try one that they just couldn't pass up. And it worked, if not quite as described. The loud noise produced by the thin metallic sheet did not just make people curl up in shock - it literally had blood pouring out of their ears. AND they really were frozen immobile.

Slice a cake three times, make eight pieces. Harry thought, vaguely recognizing the lateral thinking from an admittedly hazy memory of his third grade teacher. No wonder this sounded so familiar! And, Harry thought, that meant it had to be one of the Order. Who else would pluck a few innocent pranksters and have them start making weapons of war.

Harry'd have to look up the spell to fix eardrums, he thought absently to himself. He rolled out a spare scrap of parchment, and began to compose a letter back to the Twins. They were owed hearty congratulations - Harry remembered from one of Uncle Vernon's long meandering dinner conversations, that new businesses had a hard time starting up. For the twins to be doing even nearly as well as Zonko's? It was impressive.

Of course, he hadn't answered the most interesting question - who had come up with these ideas?

[a/n: Erm. Any guesses? After the last brick (see brick joke), you shouldn't expect this to be answered in the story aaaanytime soon.

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