Nobody ever asked my birthday

Chapter 106

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Snape had been right. Arthur Weasley spent nearly twenty minutes talking about helicopters, except the way he said it, it sounded like heely-kopters. This didn't seem to bear much resemblance to "information that might be useful to the War against Voldemort," particularly as half of what he was talking about was actively wrong or misleading. Helicopters didn't run on petrol, for instance. They ran on kerosene, which was much, much more flammable. And if even Harry knew that... Well, they were wizards, and old ones at that. Probably not used to listening to their younger bloods.

Molly Weasley was even worse, her stories tending towards gossip, as she filled everyone in on the goings on at Ottery St. Catchpole. Of course, it might have been useful to have an invisible ear on the ground, if Lord Voldemort was actually doing something. But did we really need to hear about how Evie's aunt Risca got her hair dyed green and couldn't fix it? Besides, Harry was internally quite certain that Hermione could fix it at will.

And on and on, though Harry had to give Moody credit - at least his commentary on the Auror work that he was steadily infiltrating as an outside consultant was fascinating business.

Harry wasn't sure how much time had passed - the entire meeting seemed truly interminable, when Snape stood up (He had occupied a place as far away from the middle of the table as possible, and when he stood, he loomed over everyone. "My report: The Dark Lord appears amused at the sight of the Order of the Phoenix running about like chickens with heads cut off - blood spurting everywhere. He has adopted a wait-and-see attitude, though I'm certain that he's advancing longer range plans that he hasn't seen fit to involve me in. I strongly suggest that the Order continue to feed his assumptions on this matter, whether they are accurate or not." Harry, internally, thought that they were more accurate than Snape was making them sound. Snape'd been about the only person with spine at Grimmauld, and Harry'd caught McGonagall looking at him with a saddened expression this morning at breakfast even.

It almost seemed like... everyone had hoped that Harry would be able to fix what his own blood had created (well, everyone except Snape, of course.). Oh, and sure, Harry thought wryly, if I'd been able to just WISH him away, I'd have done so posthaste.

"Your report's done. Time to leave, spy." Moody growled, tamping his cane on the ground once, hard.

Snape left with a sneer, Harry looking after him a bit jealously - he at least got to leave. It wasn't like harry had anything to report. Of course, that did explain why the boring people went first - if Snape wasn't trusted with the more secretive matters.

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Oh, and teh Valley of Boredome is a reference to the Valley of the Dolls

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