Nobody ever asked my birthday


Harry hadn't thought he could be excited for a Potions Lesson.

Then again, he hadn't thought, ever, that he'd be good at it.

Turns out?

He still wasn't.

Oh, sure, Snape said that he probably had talent...

But Harry wasn't seeing it. He didn't have whatever knack his Mum had.


Maybe he was just overthinking things, he thought... but he was still the only student in Advanced Potions that had to take cover from his potion nearly exploding. Maybe he'd done that in a timely fashion, he wasn't quite sure.


After Potions, Harry made tracks to the library, glad, for once, that Ron wasn't in class with him. He'd have given Harry a sound ribbing about grabbing a book to figure out what was wrong.

... hell, the Twins would probably as well, Harry thought.

But it's not like I have a Potions Laboratory to work in! Harry groused.

... why don't I have a Potions Lab?

Brain, you're not going to tell me that the Twins worked their magic in Snape's Potions Laboratory, are you?

No... no, they couldn't have. And they didn't know about the Room, so...

Somewhere, in this gigantic castle, there is a bootleg Potions Laboratory/Distillery.

I wonder if Snape knows?

I could write the twins - but where's the fun in that? Harry thought. Might as well make it into an exercise...

How did they make all those Nosebleed Nougats, anyway?

Harry stood up, and grabbed a few reference books. If he was going to have to find the laboratory by smell, he was going to do it the hard way.

Hermione showed up soon enough, but she didn't ask what he was working on, just grabbed some books on Arithmancy. He could hear her talking to herself.

Even Malfoy dropped by, "Couldn't think of anything exciting to do, Lions? Decided to bask in the presence of those more learned than yourselves?"

Hermione waved her hand, holding a quill, under the table. Harry only knew because he knew exactly the gesture she was making.

Malfoy's next words were silent. In frustration, he stomped off.

"Detention later?" Harry asked.

Hermione nodded, "Still got it," she said with a smile.

"Never doubted you for a minute," Harry said, leaning back and giving her an affectionate smile.

[a/n: Hermione's been having her own lessons and stuff, remember? Not that she really needs to get detentions, everyone believes the swot would be the only one to show up at Office Hours for the Dungeon Bat. Leave a review!]